The University Perinatal Center Hamburg

Anyone expecting a child wants to know that they are in capable hands, safe and secure. We want the University Perinatal Center in Hamburg to be a comfortable environment and our team of physicians, midwives and health care professionals will provide all the services that babies and young families need. We want all expectant mothers – including those expecting a multiple birth or women in a risk group – to be relaxed and feel emotionally strong while in our care. To this end we offer all the necessary services from antenatal medicine through to postnatal care and every related medical specialty all under one roof.Special courses held in cooperation with our partners and a range of services complete the package. Our patient-focused approach helps mothers feel safe and confident about giving birth.

The clinic works closely with related specialties, including the neonatal, anesthetics, pediatric surgery and pediatric cardiology departments – and human genetics. It is important that mothers and their partners receive advice and information tailored to their needs at every level. We are committed to providing the best service to mothers and their newborn child.
Finally, our expertise and experience help parents to cope in the event of a premature birth.