Welcome to personnel and pool management for nursing and healthcare specialists!

The Zentrales Personal- und Poolmangement (ZPP) department at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) is responsible for managing temporary staffing and supporting all departments of the UKE and its subsidiaries in case of short- and long-term staff shortages. The department manages the UKE Pflegepool, which provides temporary staffing for general wards, monitoring stations, and outpatient clinics. Additionally, the department manages the UKE GKP-Aushilfenpool and the UKE Studierendenpool, which provide temporary staffing support for nursing and functional services. The MZP department also coordinates temporary staffing for all professions at the UKE and its subsidiaries, as well as voluntary services such as the FSJ, FWJ, BFD, and honorary services.

Our UKE Pflegepool employs highly experienced nurses that can step in on short notice in a variety of wards and take over patient care on a full scale. This ensures a high quality of patient care and patient safety in case of staff shortage.

The GKP-Aushilfenpool employs nurses on a taxfree part time contract and the Studierendenpool employs medicine students. They provide additional support to ward staff or take care of one-on-one-supervision of patients.

In case of ongoing staff shortage or higher workloads for a limited timeframe, we coordinate the booking and placement of additional staff through temporary work agencies, regardless of qualification or location for all areas in the UKE.

We also coordinate all voluntary services.
Our volunteers offer support to patients and their relatives by providing orientation on campus, making visits, doing laundry, provide entertainment or run small errands, and much more.
In cooperation with the Elsa Brändström Haus im DRK e.V. we coordinate the patizipation in an voluntary services such as the FSJ, FWJ, BFD. Through this programm young people between the ages of 16 an 25 can experiece what it is like to work in a hospital and learn about the helath care system and generally broaden their horizons.

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