UKE Hospital Hygiene

The UKE Hospital Hygiene is responsible for the identification, control and management of hospital-based infections. Each year in Germany around 900000 people contract a hospital-based infection. This problem can only be tackled with direct and focused action. Our aim is not a bacteria-free hospital, but rather the prevention of the development and transfer of infections. We are constantly developing and applying new preventative and therapeutic strategies. Where possible, such strategies should be evidence-based, though unfortunately many procedures are not backed up by studies supporting their effectiveness. However, according to experts, it remains vital to adhere to the recommended strategies.

The goal of protecting patients from infections can only be achieved if all members of staff involved in patient care adhere to medical hygiene guidelines. Hygiene is dependent on teamwork. This means that the UKE Hospital Hygiene alone cannot ensure that necessary hygiene standards are maintained throughout the hospital. Hygiene, or a lack of it, affects everyone; the motto of our UKE hospital hygiene campaign is ‘one for all and all for hospital hygiene’.

Every individual plays an important part in ensuring the safety of patients. Employees at the UKE Hospital Hygiene are pivotal in this endeavor. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Your Hospital Hygiene Team

Deputy Head

Johannes Knobloch
Prof. Dr. med.
Johannes K.-M. Knobloch
  • Leiter Arbeitsbereich Krankenhaushygiene
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  • Medical specialist in Microbiology, Virology, Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Hospital Hygiene

W26 , 2nd Floor

Head of Hygiene experts