The clinic time of the I. Medical Clinic

One of our focuses is the care of patients with chronic hepatitis B and hepatitis C. In addition, we offer a specialized outpatient clinic for autoimmune liver disease and for liver and bile duct tumors on . The I. Department of Internal Medicine is a center for patients with liver cirrhosis and the associated treatment options including TIPS system . Other priorities are tropical medicine diseases and infectious diseases , inflammatory bowel disease , neuroendocrine tumors and pancreatic diseases .

We have the following clinic times:

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    Private ambulance

    For which patients is the clinic time ?

    Investigate the clinic director of the First Medical Clinic Prof. Lohse and his deputies and advise patients in the private ambulance . Even when legally insured patient , you can make an appointment in the private clinic ; the cost of services used then wear yourself .

    Special clinic time

    In addition to general internal medicine outpatient clinic we offer the following special clinic times:

    • liver disease
    • Liver and bile duct tumors
    • inflammatory bowel disease
    • neuroendocrine tumors ( NET ) , and pancreatic tumors
    • Autoimmune diseases
    • Travel medicine and vaccination advice
    • Tropical medicine
    • Special infectious diseases ( incl.HIV )
    • Internist check-up aftercare clinic time

    Practical advance

    In order to make the processes as efficiently as possible , please , to date - if available - to bring the following documents :

    • relevant previous findings
    • Drugs List of drugs taken
    • where appropriate, vaccination card
    • CDs of magnetic resonance (MRI ) and / or computed tomography ( CT) Preliminary investigations
    • where appropriate, insurance card and referral

    Questions about bills

    For billing questions please contact Unimed to the free service hotline of the settlement company under ( Monday to Friday 08.00 bis 17.00 clock ) .

    Contact and staff

    • Prof. Dr. A. W. Lohse

    Head of section

    • Fr. Dr. S. Schulze
    • Fr. Dr. K. Hahn
    • Irena Schulz

    Ambulance nurses

    • Katja Füssel
    • Fr. Sachse