ZMNH IT Service and Development

The ZMNH IT service is dedicated to provide each research group with the resources and technologies relevant to their work. That includes the purchase and installation of soft and hardware, supporting and consulting the scientists in all IT matters as well as the assembly of specialized computer and software systems tailored to perform specific tasks. Currently there are 600 clients in the ZMNH, each of them having an individual configuration of components. Windows, Mac-OS and Linux are used, depending on the intended purpose of the machine. Approximately 100 computers are currently provided for the operation of technical equipment, such as microscopes, sequencing instruments or PCR thermal cyclers. We also provide all important network services for the centre, including access to the intranet, internet, VPNs, Wi-Fi and roughly 120 TB of storage space. In our data centre we operate almost 50 servers, mostly equipped with Linux and open source components. Around 50% of them are virtualized, running on a VMware cluster. Additionally we provide assistance in data evaluation, archiving and software development.