Doctoral StudentsEarn Your Doctorate Degree in the II. Medical Clinic

The II. Medical Clinic offers many exciting projects for a challenging thesis in internal medicine. We mentor medical and scientific doctoral students in a multitude of different scientific working groups in basic and clinically applied research. If you are interested, please contact the respective working group leaders and clinical area responsible.

Current Doctoral Students in the II. Medical Clinic

Prof. Walter Fiedler

Hauke Stamm
Emily Latuske
Ye Li
Nicole Degwert
Felix Klingler
Arne Velthaus

PD Dr. Florian Langer

Lennart Beckmann
Carlota Clausen

PD Dr. Dr. Sonja Loges

Mark Wroblewski
Miguel Cubas Cordova (has not yet defended thesis, since Spring 2015 no longer in UKE)
Jonas Waizenegger
Florian Udonta
Jara Pascale Schlichting
Jannik Englmann

PD Dr. Gunhild von Amsberg

Stefanie Rast (has not yet defended thesis, since Summer 2015 no longer in UKE)
Ramin Madanchi
Katharina Otte

PD Dr. Andreas Block, MBA

Dr. jur. Fabian Frielitz
Caroline Himbert
Susann Knauer
Anna Rosset
Shamia Syed
Johannes Wolf

Prof. Mascha Binder

Friederike Braig-Karzig (left UKE at the end of 2015)
Anna Oberle (currently in the USA, will return in January 2016)
Christopher Ford
Benjamin Thiele
Marie Trentmann
Thorben Mährle

Prof. Karin Oechsle

Igor Abramovich
Lilian Ascherfeld
Sebastian Berkemeier
Jennifer Ehlert
Sophia Eicken
Gianna Gabrielli
Kristina Grube
Katharina Iversen
Alena Kanitz
Luise Kelm
Matthias Knöpker
Rina Latscha
Hanna Roese
Lea Weber
Michael Wolfram