Facts and Figures about the UKE

  • Annual report 2018

    total number of patients 506.697
    of which outpatients 402.343
    of which inpatients 104.354
    of which by emergency room 128.551
    total number of staff members 11.348
    of which physicians and scientists 2.926
    of which nursing staff members and therapists 3.420
    professors 122
    students 3.338
    total number of beds 1.738
    of which in the University Heart and Vascular Center UKE Hamburg 210
    of which in the Martini-Klinik 68
    annual result 2.13 Mio. €
  • February 1880 First constructional drawings for the Neues Allgemeines Krankenhaus (NAK) - New General Hospital - by Assistant Professor Heinrich Curschmann
    Last summer 1884 Start of construction of the epidemics department of the NAK – New General Hospital (completion and move-in in February 1885)
    May 1885 Start of construction of the entire complex of buildings of the NAK – New General Hospital (55 pavilions)
    1st March 1889 Opening of the NAK – New General Hospital
    19th May 1889 A delegation of politicians from Hamburg inaugurates the New Hospital
    1910 Completion of foundation phase of the NAK – New General Hospital. The new hospital is complete
    1910 - 2008 Seven periods of extension and reconstruction (inter alia 1903 and 1913: extension and conversion of the surgery pavilions, today building O36)
    1910 - 1934 The Medical Director at the time, Ludolph Brauer, has the hospital expanded to become a research facility
    1926 Opening of the institutional buildings of the pathology (today's Fritz Schumacher-Haus – Fritz Schumacher House)
    1934 The New General Hospital is officially recognized as a University Hospital
    1939 - 1945 About one third of the buildings is destroyed during the Second World War
    After 1945 Reconstruction of i. a. the Orthopedic Clinic, Clinic for Otorhinolaryngology and the Neurological Clinic. The typical pavilion architecture is replaced by big clinic buildings with auditorium, library and laboratory (i. a. Gynecological Clinic, Psychiatric Clinic, Ophthalmic Clinic)
    12th December 2008 Completion of the New Clinical Center (with termination of the seventh construction period)
    2009 - 2014 Eighth construction phase Eppendorf Health Park (i.a. hotel and health center)
    As from autumn 2014 Ninth building phase starts with the new construction of the Pediatric Clinic
  • A normal working day in the UKE (University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf)

    1 new doctoral thesis, 6 scientific contributions, 9 neonates, 100 surgeries, 253 lessons, 1058 patients, 3628 students, 3000 main dishes, 10053 staff members

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