Welcome to the Institute of Human Genetics

Human/medical genetics deals with the hereditary basis of human diseases. It nowadays serves as a major bridging discipline between the clinical specialities and diverse areas of basic research.In line with this, the Institute of Human Genetics at the UKE is involved in a wide range of different activities.

As regarding the clinical sector, we offer genetic counselling for any kind of genetic disease, consultant activities with the University Medical Center, postnatal chromosome analyses, as well as molecular genetic testing for a variety of different hereditary diseases.

In terms of research, different groups are involved in disease gene identification projects, the analysis of genetic and genomic diversity, and projects with a focus on basic neuroscience. As concerning teaching, the members of the institute impart the basics of our rapidly evolving speciality and the concomitant consequences for medicine, natural sciences and society to medical students as well as students of dentistry.

The Institute of Human Genetics at the UKE is part of the Center for Obstetrics and Pediatrics , even if our clinical duties nowadays equally extend to genetic diseases of adulthood as for example seen in counselling and genetic testing for inherited tumor predisposition syndromes.