Hereditary tumor consultation hour

If cancer occurs particularly early, there is a family history of cancer, a person has been exposed to different types of cancer over time or the cancer is rare, a genetic cause of the disease should be considered.

The detection of such a genetic cause can bring considerable advantages for both the person affected and his or her relatives: Often a cancerous disease is survived these days, knowledge of a genetic predisposition to certain cancers then helps to detect and treat new diseases at an early stage or even earlier through appropriate monitoring measures. If we succeed in detecting a genetic change that is responsible for the development of this particular cancer, we can offer relatives a simple examination of their individual cancer risk following human genetic counselling and education. This has the great advantage that specially adapted screening of these healthy relatives can very effectively reduce the risk of cancer development and disease.

Finally, it should be mentioned that the detection of hereditary mutations in cancer diseases increasingly opens up very effective new therapeutic options.

In 2019, we joined the German Consortium for Familial Colorectal Cancer. However, we advise and examine patients and their relatives with regard to all types of cancer. Should there be any indication of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer, we will arrange further care through the specialists in our outpatient clinic for familial breast and ovarian cancer (in German)

A team of highly experienced and sensitive oncologists and human geneticists is available to assist you during the consultation hours for hereditary tumor diseases. We are supported by pathologists, gastroenterologists, radiologists as well as colleagues from other disciplines in order to provide you with a rapid answer regarding a possible genetic cause and to enable surveillance in accordance with guidelines.

You can find the exact consultation hours in the Schedule of UCCH Outpatient Clinics (in German)

Head of the consultation hour:

PD Dr. med. Andreas Block, MBA

PD Dr. med. Alexander Volk
Dr. med. Carola Reimer
Dr. med. Rixa Woitschach
PD Dr. med. Andreas Block, MBA