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ERC Starting Grant

September 2016: Simon Wiegert recieved a prestigious ERC Starting Grant from the European Research Council. Using innovative optogenetic tools, he will investigate the long-term stability of hippocampal networks on the single synapse level.


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funded by the DFG

Priority Programme “Next Generation Optogenetics: Tool Development and Application” (SPP 1926)

Simon Wiegert and Peter Soba recieved funding to develop novel optogenetic tools for the inhibition of neuronal activity.

SPP 1665
SPP 1665

DFG Priority Program 1665

Resolving and manipulating neuronal networks in the mammalian brain - from correlative to causal analysis


Optogenetic dissection of the developing prefrontal-hippocampal circuitry that gates mnemonic and executive maturation SPP1665

supported by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

SFB 936
SFB 936

SFB 936

Multi-site interactions during development, plasticity and learning

Project B7:

Communication between hippocampus and entorhinal cortex during formation and recall of spatial memories
Dr. Fabio Morellini
Behavioral Biology Unit, ZMNH, UKE
Prof. Dr. Thomas Oertner
Dept. of Synaptic Physiology, ZMNH, UKE

SFB 936

gefördert durch die Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

Individual researchers in our institute are supported by

the Federal State of Hamburg (Landesforschungsförderung)

the Marie Curie Actions research fellowship program

an EMBO long-term fellowship.

a CONACYT postgraduate fellowship


We collaborate with the group of Peter Hegemann at the Humboldt University in Berlin in the development of novel optogenetic tools.

With the group of Karel Svoboda at HHMI’s Janelia Farm, we have completed a project on genetically encoded calcium indicators.

We collaborate with Thomas Vetter at the Computer Science Department in Basel to develop software for the automatic segmentation of two-photon microscopy images.

We collaborate with Katalin Török (St George's, University of London) to develop fast genetically encoded sensors.

Behavioral experiments are performed with Fabio Morellini and Matthias Kneussel (ZMNH).

We develop new optogenetic tools for the group of Ileana Hanganu-Opatz (UKE).

We collaborate with Rapp Optoelectronics to develop optical stimulation devices.