University Centre for 3D Printing in Medicine and Pharmacy

In the University Centre for 3D Printing (UC3D), different sections of the UKE work together interdisciplinarily on the topic of 3D printing. The future topic of 3D printing is already being applied at the UKE today in the interdepartmental centre, which was newly founded in 2022. The diverse possibilities offered by 3D printing in medicine and pharmacy are being researched here and brought into clinical application.

The aim of the centre's work is to continuously improve patient care.

To this end, the 3D Printing Centre is doing pioneering work in this forward-looking field through its research activities. Research projects are currently underway to produce individual medicines and implants for patients. In the hospital pharmacy, research is being conducted into the production of patient-specific medicines using 3D printers

3D printing in medicine and pharmacy offers:

  • Improved patient care
  • Improved communication between patients and doctors
  • Improved student education in medicine - Self-production of protective equipment and, in the future, of e.g. medicines, implants and tools

About the UC3D

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Members of the UC3D

Currently, nine different sections of the UKE are members of the 3D Printing Centrum

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Projects funded by the EU

3D printing of drugs

With the help of 3D printing technology, it will be shown how medicines can be produced individually for each patient.

3D printing of patient-specific implants

AI-supported and automated production of patient-specific implants using 3D printers.