Your discharge from the hospital

As every person reacts differently to a treatment or operation, the exact date of your discharge cannot always be determined in advance. Your attending physician and nurse will have a concluding discussion with you prior to your discharge. We will give you a physician’s letter on the day of your discharge. Please take this letter to your physician who will be responsible for further treatment as soon as possible. He will prescribe the drugs you need. We will always attempt to discharge you early in the morning so that you will have enough time to take care of your affairs at home.

Medication chart provides more safety

As of mid 2016, the attending physician will give a medication chart designed for national use in Germany to his inpatients who take more than three drugs. This medication plan is supposed to be updated every time you visit your physician so that your physician responsible for further treatment and your relatives know exactly which drugs you currently take. In drawing up this medication chart, the physician in question will check whether the prescribed drugs interact negatively. Already today the UKE (University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf) is in the position to create such charts. Please ensure that you will receive your chart before leaving the UKE.

Support after discharge from hospital

If you are discharged from the UKE (University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf) and need further support, there will be various possibilities to have this done.

  • After-care for outpatients
  • After-care for inpatients

    You will need temporary inpatient nursing care after your discharge, because it will not be covered by home care? You will be entitled to temporary care in a facility for short-term nursing care, then. Or your care will be very intensive so that it will become impossible for you to receive appropriate care in your home? In this case it will appear reasonable to choose a nursing facility.

social service
Our Social Service

Our social service provides help

Our social service will provide advice and assistance to you, if a disease changes your life in such a way that you are unable to cope with your job and everyday life anymore. Do you have questions concerning the possibilities of home care or rehabilitative measures after your hospital stay? You and the social service staff will jointly initiate the necessary steps to find the solution which will best meet your requirements. Your relatives and other persons of trust will also be most welcome.

During your stay in the UKE (University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf), please contact, if necessary, an attending nurse right from the start, and make an appointment with our social service!

Support offered by the social service

The social service can support you to handle the following:

  • rehabilitation after your hospital stay
  • nursing care and caretaking in your home or inpatient facilities
  • issues with authorities, facilities and funding organizations
  • liaise with information centers and self-help groups
  • provide assistance concerning psychosocial issues which are illness-related
  • concerns of seriously disabled persons and workplace issues
  • conditions for discharge such as legal care or health care proxy

You find further information on our subpage "social services"

Care at home

We support and accompany persons who look or will look after relatives in need of care within the framework of our project ″Family Care”. Our patients and their relatives are offered counseling and training in care at the patient's bedside. In this way, relatives get valuable practical tips already during the stay in the UKE (University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf) to offer them the best possible preparation for the new situation at home. Besides, nursing relatives can register for classes and participate in discussion groups. We offer the above mentioned services at no charge!

You can find further information on our subpage "family care" (in German)