Welcome to the Institute for Applied Medical Informatics

The Institute for Applied Medical Informatics (IAM) is part of the Center for Experimental Medicine at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf.

The institute, newly created at the beginning of 2021, brings together complex medical data and, in partnership with experts, generates knowledge that can be effectively used against diseases, leading to a deeper understanding of disease and more successful treatment of patients. An agile team creates and publishes innovative processes and tailored methods and tools for physicians and researchers. Our goal is to open up heterogeneous data sets for medical research, to enable interdisciplinary and international collaborations and to simplify complex analyses.

The work is structured into the following project groups:

Applied AI in Healthcare

In Applied AI in Healthcare, computer algorithms of machine learning, neural networks and deep learning systems find their application.

Agile Systems Development

The Institute supports the University Hospital in its tasks via innovative method and tool development (research data platform, metadata repository, etc.).

Rapid Clinical Analytics

Rapid Clinical Analytics uses tools and methods that are intended to facilitate and accelerate clinical data processing.

Knowledge Connector

The Knowledge Connector aims to support physicians in molecular, cellular and functional analysis by automating the entire process.