Information for patients

We would like to introduce you to our Department of Medical Psychology with its unique program offering psychological support for patients with chronic somatic health conditions (especially with cancer, HIV, or need of organ transplantation).

When coping with disease and undergoing treatment, it may seem to you as if you have become separated from your usual life – you may feel alone, with no ground under your feet. Sometimes anxiety and worries can be so intense and overwhelming that your own ability to cope with this situation is exhausted. Relatives and caregivers are also affected by your health condition and may need support as well.

Sometimes the only thing missing is the knowledge about which psychological and social supports are available to you. If you find yourself in this situation, you can reach out to our outpatient unit, where experienced psychotherapists will support and accompany you and your loved ones through this difficult period in life.

Below, please find information about the therapeutic approaches and the team members of the Psycho-Oncological Outpatient Clinic at the Department of Medical Psychology. If you are interested in one of our therapeutic services, please contact the secretary’s office of our outpatient department. (Please note that we offer our services in English, as well as other languages such as French, Italian, Russian, Turkish, and Polish).

  • Cancer
  • Cancer

    The team of the Outpatient Clinic for Psycho-Oncology includes about 20 colleagues. We work in our department’s building, in the facilities of the general outpatient center of the UKE and within the oncology wards. Almost all of our staff members have a degree in psychology (Diploma, Master, doctorate, PhD), as well as specific certifications as psychotherapist, e.g. board-certified psychotherapists in behavioral and psychodynamic therapy. In addition, some members of our team work as physicians, and others have a background in theology and religious sciences, as well as in art and music therapy.

    Most of us have completed a specific, continued education training in psycho-oncology. Some of us are psychotherapists with a special training in behavior therapy, humanistic therapy, or psycho-dynamic-oriented psychotherapy, while others have specific therapeutic approaches that specifically help in working with cancer patients, such as hypnotherapy and trauma therapy.

    The team members meet weekly to take care of the admissions, as well as the supervision of patients, all of which are conducted by experienced supervisors. We regularly offer internal educational programs, as well as information and training for other colleagues, as well as for patient organizations. In addition, since we are part of the medical school, we are involved in teaching medical students and in conducting research projects within the area of medical psychology.

  • Psycho-Therapeutic Outpatient Clinic for Patient With HIV, AIDS and Their Relatives

    This outpatient clinic specializes in the collaborative therapeutic treatment of patients with HIV and AIDS, as well as their caregivers, relatives and partners. It is a specialized psychological counseling and treatment program that provides information to patients and significant others about help support and treatment in severe and complex problems associated with thesehealth conditions.

  • Outpatient Clinic for Transplant Psychology

    This specialized Outpatient Clinic for Transplant Psychology deals with the clinical care and scientific approaches to the psychological aspects of organ transplantations. The unit of Transplant Psychology is part of the Department of Medical Psychology and is integrated in the University Transplant Center, UTC. A specialized team of psychologists is available to evaluate and consult patients before and after organ transplantation.

Reception & Admission

Please contact the secretary’s office at the Outpatient Clinic for Psycho-Oncology: