Treatment options

Dear patients, dear relatives,

We would like to inform you about our offer of psychological support and accompaniment for patients with chronic physical illnesses (cancer, HIV, organ transplantation).

Sometimes it may seem to you as if all life connections have been torn off on your way through illness and treatment, as if there is no more land in sight. Sometimes fears and worries become so massive that your own coping options are exhausted. Relatives and people close to you are also fellow sufferers.

Often, you simply lack the necessary information and advice on psychological and social support options. In this situation, you can turn to our outpatient clinics, where experienced therapists support and accompany you and your relatives. On the following pages you will find information about the work and the team of the outpatient clinics at the Institute and Polyclinic for Medical Psychology.

If you are interested in one of our services, please first register by telephone with the outpatient clinic secretariat.

  • Studies
  • Studies

    What would it be like to have an audio recording of your own doctor-patient conversation?

    The University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf is currently conducting the research project "Your conversation to go" (in German). For the first time in Germany, the project is asking patients with cancer and oncology physicians about their attitudes and experiences with providing patients with an audio recording of their own medical conversation.

    For a one-time anonymous online survey on the above topic, we are looking for patients with cancer and oncology physicians. The participation takes about 15 - 20 minutes and you will receive an expense allowance of 10 €.

    Link to the survey for patients with cancer:

    fiurther informations (in German)

  • 6. HH Tag der Psychoonkologie

    6th Hamburg Day of Psychooncology

    Symposium of Psychooncology "Cancer and Innovation" March 31, 2023 in Hamburg.

    Link to the event page (German)

    5. Tag der Psychoonkologie

    5th Hamburg Day of Psychooncology

    Symposium of Psychooncology "Cancer & us" Oktober 30, 2021 ONLINE

    Link to the event page (German)

    Vierter Hamburger Fachtag der Psychoonkologie

    4th Hamburg Day of Psychooncology

    Symposium of Psychoocology "Cancer and work"


    3,. Tag Psychoonko

    3rd Hamburg Day of Psychooncology

    Symposium of Psychooncology "Cancer and survival" March, 03, 2019

    Link to the event page (German)

    2. HH Tag der Psychoonkologie

    2nd Hamburg Day of Psychooncology

    Symposium of Psychooncology "Cancer and sense", April, 13, 2018

    Link to the event page (German)

    erster Tag Psychoonkologie

    1st Hamburg Day of Psychooncology

    with the topic "Family and Cancer".Joint symposium of the Institute of Medical Psychology, the Hamburg Cancer Society and the University Cancer Center at the UKE.We hope that this "1st Hamburg Day of Psychooncology" will be the start of a series of interesting and topical symposia that will draw attention to current concerns and scientific advances in the support of patients and their relatives.

    Link to the event page (German)

  • Special outpatient clinic for psycho-oncology

    A cancer illness can completely change one's life from one day to the next. Many people find not only the diagnosis and the treatment itself stressful and unsettling. They also worry about the effects of the disease on their own future, everyday life, work, family or friends. In such a situation, it can be helpful to talk to someone outside one's own environment to clarify the questions that arise and to find a way to deal with fears, being overwhelmed or despair.

  • Special Outpatient Clinic for Transplant Psychology

    Transplantation psychology is a field of application of medical psychology and deals with psychological aspects of organ transplantation both in clinical care and scientifically. Transplantation Psychology at the UKE is part of Medical Psychology and integrated into the University Transplantation Center (UTC). As a specialized team of psychologists, we are available to patients before and after organ transplantation.

  • Special outpatient clinic for psychological stress in HIV/AIDS

    the special outpatient clinic for the psychotherapeutic co-treatment of people with HIV infection and AIDS and their relatives is a specialized psychological counseling and treatment service. Patients with HIV infection and AIDS receive treatment, help and support for serious and complex problems.

Reception & Admission

If you are interested in one of our offers, please first register by telephone in the outpatient clinic secretariat during office hours. You will then receive our registration documents and a questionnaire. After returning them, you will be given an initial appointment to clarify your concerns and needs.

At present, the waiting time for an initial consultation is about 6 - 8 weeks.

Please do not come to the outpatient clinic in person if you have cold symptoms, but contact us in advance for further consultation.

  • Contact
    Outpatient Admission

    Mrs. K. Lutz
    Telephone: +49 (0) 40 7410 - 56803
    Fax: +49 (0) 40 7410 - 54965
    Building W26, Entrance D, Room 73.1

    Disabled access and appropriate parking on site.

  • Information
    Office Hours

    Monday 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

    Tuesday 09:00am - 10:30 am

    Unfortunately, new registrations on the answering machine or by e-mail cannot be considered.

We will send you a questionnaire in which you will be asked about your stresses and concerns. Once you have completed this questionnaire and returned it to us, you will be given an appointment for an initial consultation and, if necessary, referred to a therapist who will plan and carry out further counselling and psychotherapy.

We are a psychiatric outpatient clinic (PIA). Therefore, all outpatient services (participation in discussion groups, counselling and therapy in the special outpatient clinics) are financed by the health insurance funds. Please bring a referral slip (issued to: PIA - UKE) from the treating (specialist) doctor to your first appointment with us.