Research Information System (FIS / RIS)

The Research Information System (FIS or RIS) of the Faculty of Medicine is a multifunctional information tool for UKE researchers for to collect and categorize research output. In addition to personal information and activities, research projects, fundings, publications, participation in joint projects or awards can be hold by the system. The Research Information System provides you the opportunity your research achievements and successes improved, current and target group represent outwards.

You will support with publications, projects and CV when creating reports. The system is designed to provide user-friendly features and are easily and intuitively operated. Furthermore, the tool will make the collection of data for the so-called "LOM process" easier. The LOM process is based on a evaluation of research achievements. This third-party funding and publication are transformed according to defined characteristics in point values ​​and budgeted for the UKE organisations as part of the LOM. In the present system the relevant legacy of the past years are already integrated. For the LOM process, scientists can enter the acctual publications after beeing published.

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