Applied AI in Healthcare (IAM-AI)

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In Applied AI in Healthcare, machine learning computer algorithms, neural networks, and deep learning systems find their application.

Machine learning is an approach to data analysis that involves building and adapting models that allow programs to "learn" through experience. Machine learning involves the construction of algorithms that adapt their models to improve their ability to make predictions. Neural networks and deep learning systems, which have applications in image analysis and other fields, use a series of functions to process an input signal and translate it through multiple stages into the expected output. Their structure is often compared to that of the human brain. The goal of analyses in medical research is to improve prediction of clinical phenotypes and treatment outcomes, as well as improved patient stratification. For this purpose, data from routine medical diagnostics as well as study data can be used.

In Applied AI in Healthcare, the generated computer algorithms are considered as precursors of AI-based medical devices. The focus is thus always on the proximity to the user in the clinic and takes into account the explainability of the models used and their results (Explainable AI).

IAM-AI is a member of the bAIome .