Junior research groups at the IIRVD

Two BMBF - funded junior researchs groups are associated with the IIRVD:

The working group "Genomics of Retroviral infetions" lead by PD Dr. Dr. Ulrike Lange at the LIV and the working group "Infection & Immune Regulation" lead by Dr. Dr. Angelique Hölzemer at the I. Medical Clinic.

Working Group "Infection & Immune regulation"

Dr. Dr. Angelique Hölzemer and her group study how nonclassical HLA-I molecules affect antiviral responses and virus-induced inflammation in organoid models and in immune cell subsets.

Working group "Genomics of Retroviral Infection"

PD Dr. Dr. Ulrike Lange and her team investigate how retroviruses, like HIV, impact on the biology of target genomes and vice versa.