Research Projects

2019-2025 EXC 2155: RESIST - Resolving Infection Susceptibility Project B8 Cure Chronic Hepatitis B

2018-2022 FOR 2799: Receiving and Translating Signals via the gamma-delta T Cell Receptor
Project: Peripheral Shaping of γδ TCR Repertoires

2020-2023 DFG International Collaboration Project Role of γδT cells in skin homeostasis and protective immunity during experimental dermatophytosis

2014-2022 SFB 900 Microbial Persistence and its Control Project B8: Towards the use of antigen-specific γδ T lymphocytes for CMV virus control after allogeneic stem cell transplantation

2018-2021 GIF Research Grant No. I-1432-201.11/2017 Sentinels of the Oral Epithelium - Elucidating the Development and Function of Oral T Cells and their Interplay with Langerhans Cells

2019-2021 Project A128382 , Niedersachsen-Israel research project.
Exploring the mutual regulation of γδ T cells and the oral microbiota.