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Germ Cell Maintenance and Sustained Testosterone and Precursor Hormone Production in Human Prepubertal Testis Organ Culture with Tissues from Boys 7 Years+ under Conditions from Adult Testicular Tissue
Aden N, Bleeke M, Kordes U, Brunne B, Holstermann B, Biemann R, Ceglarek U, Soave A, Salzbrunn A, Schneider S, Kopylow K
CELLS-BASEL. 2023;12(3):.

Deep Characterization and Comparison of Different Retrovirus-like Particles Preloaded with CRISPR/Cas9 RNPs
Wichmann M, Maire C, Nuppenau N, Habiballa M, Uhde A, Kolbe K, Schröder T, Lamszus K, Fehse B, Głów D
INT J MOL SCI. 2023;24(14):11399.

Sex neurosteroids: Hormones made by the brain for the brain
Fester L, Rune G
NEUROSCI LETT. 2021;753:135849.

Expression and Cell Type-specific Localization of Inflammasome Sensors in the Spinal Cord of SOD1(G93A) Mice and Sporadic Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Patients
Hummel C, Leylamian O, Pösch A, Weis J, Aronica E, Beyer C, Johann S
NEUROSCIENCE. 2021;463:288-302.

Sex-specific Regulation of Spine Density and Synaptic Proteins by G-protein-coupled Estrogen Receptor (GPER)1 in Developing Hippocampus
Li X, Johann S, Rune G, Bender R
NEUROSCIENCE. 2021;472:35-50.

Neural sex steroids and hippocampal synaptic plasticity
Brandt N, Fester L, Rune G
VITAM HORM. 2020;114:125-143.

Sex-specific features of spine densities in the hippocampus
Brandt N, Löffler T, Fester L, Rune G
SCI REP-UK. 2020;10(1):11405.

Sex-dependency of oestrogen-induced structural synaptic plasticity: Inhibition of aromatase versus application of estradiol in rodents
Brandt N, Rune G
EUR J NEUROSCI. 2020;52(1):2548-2559.

Sex-specific Difference of Hippocampal Synaptic Plasticity in Response to Sex Neurosteroids
Brandt N, Vierk R, Fester L, Anstötz M, Zhou L, Heilmann L, Kind S, Steffen P, Rune G
CEREB CORTEX. 2020;30(4):2627-2641.

The intrinsic cell type-specific excitatory connectivity of the developing mouse subiculum is sufficient to generate synchronous epileptiform activity
Fiske M, Anstötz M, Welty L, Maccaferri G
J PHYSIOL-LONDON. 2020;598(10):1965-1985.

GPER1 Signaling Initiates Migration of Female V-SVZ-Derived Cells
Haumann I, Sturm M, Anstötz M, Rune G
ISCIENCE. 2020;23(5):101077.

Podocytes Produce and Secrete Functional Complement C3 and Complement Factor H
Mühlig A, Keir L, Abt J, Heidelbach H, Horton R, Welsh G, Meyer-Schwesinger C, Licht C, Coward R, Fester L, Saleem M, Oh J
FRONT IMMUNOL. 2020;11:1833.

Selective Inactivation of Reelin in Inhibitory Interneurons Leads to Subtle Changes in the Dentate Gyrus But Leaves Cortical Layering and Behavior Unaffected
Pahle J, Muhia M, Wagener R, Tippmann A, Bock H, Graw J, Herz J, Staiger J, Drakew A, Kneussel M, Rune G, Frotscher M, Brunne B
CEREB CORTEX. 2020;30(3):1688-1707.

Invariable stoichiometry of ribosomal proteins in mouse brain tissues with aging
Amirbeigiarab S, Kiani P, Velazquez Sanchez A, Krisp C, Kazantsev A, Fester L, Schlüter H, Ignatova Z
P NATL ACAD SCI USA. 2019;116(45):22567-22572.

Integrity of Cajal-Retzius cells in the reeler-mouse hippocampus
Anstötz M, Karsak M, Rune G

Neural Correlates of Anesthesia in Newborn Mice and Humans
Chini M, Gretenkord S, Kostka J, Pöpplau J, Cornelissen L, Berde C, Hanganu-Opatz I, Bitzenhofer S

Sex hormones modulate pathogenic processes in experimental traumatic brain injury
Gölz C, Kirchhoff F, Westerhorstmann J, Schmidt M, Hirnet T, Rune G, Bender R, Schäfer M
J NEUROCHEM. 2019;150(2):173-187.

Culturing and patch clamping of Jurkat T cells and neurons on Al2O3 coated nanowire arrays of altered morphology
Harberts J, Zierold R, Fendler C, Koitmäe A, Bayat P, Fernandez-Cuesta I, Loers G, Diercks B, Fliegert R, Guse A, Ronning C, Otnes G, Borgström M, Blick R
RSC ADV. 2019;9(20):11194-11201.

Thrombospondin Type 1 Domain-Containing 7A Localizes to the Slit Diaphragm and Stabilizes Membrane Dynamics of Fully Differentiated Podocytes
Herwig J, Skuza S, Sachs W, Sachs M, Failla A, Rune G, Meyer T, Fester L, Meyer-Schwesinger C
J AM SOC NEPHROL. 2019;30(5):824-839.

Cognitive impairment and autistic-like behaviour in SAPAP4-deficient mice
Schob C, Morellini F, Ohana O, Bakota L, Hrynchak M, Brandt R, Brockmann M, Cichon N, Hartung H, Hanganu-Opatz I, Kraus V, Scharf S, Herrmans-Borgmeyer I, Schweizer M, Kuhl D, Wöhr M, Vörckel K, Calzada-Wack J, Fuchs H, Gailus-Durner V, Hrabě de Angelis M, Garner C, Kreienkamp H, Kindler S
TRANSL PSYCHIAT. 2019;9(1):7.

Glutamatergic drive along the septo-temporal axis of hippocampus boosts prelimbic oscillations in the neonatal mouse
Ahlbeck J, Song L, Chini M, Bitzenhofer S, Hanganu-Opatz I
ELIFE. 2018;7:e33158.

Expression of TRPV1 channels by Cajal-Retzius cells and layer-specific modulation of synaptic transmission by capsaicin in the mouse hippocampus
Anstötz M, Lee S, Maccaferri G
J PHYSIOL-LONDON. 2018;596(16):3739-3758.

Erratum to "Experience-Dependent Regulation of Cajal-Retzius Cell Networks in the Developing and Adult Mouse Hippocampus"
Anstötz M, Lee S, Neblett T, Rune G, Maccaferri G
CEREB CORTEX. 2018;28(2):691.

Multisensory integration in rodent tactile but not visual thalamus
Bieler M, Xu X, Marquardt A, Hanganu-Opatz I
SCI REP-UK. 2018;8(1):15684.

WITHDRAWN: P.2.002 Glutamatergic dysfunction within neonatal prefrontal circuitry in a genetic-environmental model of mental disorders
Chinin M, Lindemann C, Pöpplau J, Xu X, Ahlbeck J, Bitzenhofer S, Hanganu-Opatz I
EUR NEUROPSYCHOPHARM. 2018;28 Suppl 1:S22.

Neurodegeneration and NLRP3 inflammasome expression in the anterior thalamus of SOD1(G93A) ALS mice
Debye B, Schmülling L, Zhou L, Rune G, Beyer C, Johann S
BRAIN PATHOL. 2018;28(1):14-27.

Distal Dendritic Enrichment of HCN1 Channels in Hippocampal CA1 Is Promoted by Estrogen, but Does Not Require Reelin
Meseke M, Neumüller F, Brunne B, Li X, Anstötz M, Pohlkamp T, Rogalla M, Herz J, Rune G, Bender R
ENEURO. 2018;5(5):.

Reelin and aromatase cooperate in ovarian follicle development
Meseke M, Pröls F, Schmahl C, Seebo K, Kruse C, Brandt N, Fester L, Zhou L, Bender R, Rune G
SCI REP-UK. 2018;8(1):8722.

Learning to focus on number
Piazza M, De Feo V, Italy C, Dehaene S
COGNITION. 2018;181:35-45.

Influence of human acute wound fluid on the antibacterial efficacy of different antiseptic polyurethane foam dressings: An in vitro analysis
Rembe J, Fromm-Dornieden C, Böhm J, Stuermer E
WOUND REPAIR REGEN. 2018;26(1):27-35.

Prenatal Immune and Endocrine Modulators of Offspring's Brain Development and Cognitive Functions Later in Life
Schepanski S, Buss C, Hanganu-Opatz I, Arck P
FRONT IMMUNOL. 2018;9:2186.

Tapered Fibers Combined With a Multi-Electrode Array for Optogenetics in Mouse Medial Prefrontal Cortex
Sileo L, Bitzenhofer S, Spagnolo B, Pöpplau J, Holzhammer T, Pisanello M, Pisano F, Bellistri E, Maglie E, De Vittorio M, Ruther P, Hanganu-Opatz I, Pisanello F

Effects of the experimental administration of oral estrogen on prefrontal functions in healthy young women
Sommer T, Richter K, Singer F, Derntl B, Rune G, Diekhof E, Bayer J
PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY. 2018;235(12):3465-3477.

Dynamics, ultrastructure and gene expression of human in-vitro organized testis cells from testicular sperm extraction biopsies
von Kopylow K, Schulze W, Salzbrunn A, Schaks M, Schäfer E, Roth B, Schlatt S, Spiess A
MOL HUM REPROD. 2018;24(3):123-134.

Experience-Dependent Regulation of Cajal-Retzius Cell Networks in the Developing and Adult Mouse Hippocampus
Anstötz M, Lee S, Neblett T, Rune G, Maccaferri G
CEREB CORTEX. 2017;1-16.

Sex-dependent regulation of aromatase-mediated synaptic plasticity in the basolateral amygdala
Bender R, Zhou L, Vierk R, Brandt N, Keller A, Gee C, Schäfer M, Rune G
J NEUROSCI. 2017;37(6):1532-1545.

Rate and Temporal Coding Convey Multisensory Information in Primary Sensory Cortices
Bieler M, Sieben K, Cichon N, Schildt S, Röder B, Hanganu-Opatz I
ENEURO. 2017;4(2):UNSP e0037.

Visual-tactile processing in primary somatosensory cortex emerges before cross-modal experience
Bieler M, Sieben K, Schildt S, Röder B, Hanganu-Opatz I
SYNAPSE. 2017;71(6):UNSP e21958.

Methodological Approach for Optogenetic Manipulation of Neonatal Neuronal Networks
Bitzenhofer S, Ahlbeck J, Hanganu-Opatz I

Layer-specific optogenetic activation of pyramidal neurons causes beta-gamma entrainment of neonatal networks
Bitzenhofer S, Ahlbeck J, Wolff A, Wiegert J, Gee C, Oertner T, Hanganu-Opatz I
NAT COMMUN. 2017;8:14563.

Synaptopodin is regulated by aromatase activity
Fester L, Zhou L, Ossig C, Labitzke J, Bläute C, Bader M, Vollmer G, Jarry H, Rune G
J NEUROCHEM. 2017;140(1):126-139.

Presynaptic localization of GluK5 in rod photoreceptors suggests a novel function of high affinity glutamate receptors in the mammalian retina
Haumann I, Junghans D, Anstötz M, Frotscher M
PLOS ONE. 2017;12(2):e0172967.

Accuracy of Latarjet graft and screw position after using novel drill guide
Klatte T, Hartel M, Weiser L, Hoffmann M, Wehrenberg U, Heinemann A, Rueger J, Briem D
EUR J TRAUMA EMERG S. 2017;43(5):645-649.

Neocortical Layer 6B as a Remnant of the Subplate - A Morphological Comparison
Marx M, Qi G, Hanganu-Opatz I, Kilb W, Luhmann H, Feldmeyer D
CEREB CORTEX. 2017;27(2):1011-1026.

Early-life stress impairs recognition memory and perturbs the functional maturation of prefrontal-hippocampal-perirhinal networks
Reincke S, Hanganu-Opatz I
SCI REP-UK. 2017;7:42042.

The serine protease inhibitor neuroserpin is required for normal synaptic plasticity and regulates learning and social behavior
Reumann R, Vierk R, Zhou L, Gries F, Kraus V, Mienert J, Romswinkel E, Morellini F, Ferrer I, Nicolini C, Fahnestock M, Rune G, Glatzel M, Galliciotti G
LEARN MEMORY. 2017;24(12):650-659.

Glutamatergic deficit and schizophrenia-like negative symptoms: new evidence from ketamine-induced mismatch negativity alterations in healthy male humans
Thiebes S, Leicht G, Curic S, Steinmann S, Polomac N, Andreou C, Eichler I, Eichler L, Zöllner C, Gallinat J, Hanganu-Opatz I, Mulert C
J PSYCHIATR NEUROSCI. 2017;42(4):273-283.

Developmental Profile, Morphology, and Synaptic Connectivity of Cajal-Retzius Cells in the Postnatal Mouse Hippocampus
Anstötz M, Huang H, Marchionni I, Haumann I, Maccaferri G, Lübke J
CEREB CORTEX. 2016;26(2):855-872.

Post mortem CT scans as a supplementary teaching method in gross anatomy
Buenting M, Mueller T, Raupach T, Luers G, Wehrenberg U, Gehl A, Anders S
ANN ANAT. 2016;208:165-169.

Control of aromatase in hippocampal neurons
Fester L, Brandt N, Windhorst S, Pröls F, Bläute C, Rune G
J STEROID BIOCHEM. 2016;160:9-14.

Interdependent Conductances Drive Infraslow Intrinsic Rhythmogenesis in a Subset of Accessory Olfactory Bulb Projection Neurons
Gorin M, Tsitoura C, Kahan A, Watznauer K, Drose D, Arts M, Mathar R, O'Connor S, Hanganu-Opatz I, Ben-Shaul Y, Spehr M
J NEUROSCI. 2016;36(11):3127-44.

Thalamic and Entorhinal Network Activity Differently Modulates the Functional Development of Prefrontal-Hippocampal Interactions
Hartung H, Brockmann M, Pöschel B, De Feo V, Hanganu-Opatz I
J NEUROSCI. 2016;36(13):3676-90.

From Shortage to Surge: A Developmental Switch in Hippocampal-Prefrontal Coupling in a Gene-Environment Model of Neuropsychiatric Disorders
Hartung H, Cichon N, De Feo V, Riemann S, Schildt S, Lindemann C, Mulert C, Gogos J, Hanganu-Opatz I
CEREB CORTEX. 2016;26(11):4265-4281.

Inositol-1,4,5-trisphosphate-3-kinase-A controls morphology of hippocampal dendritic spines
Köster J, Leggewie B, Blechner C, Brandt N, Fester L, Rune G, Schweizer M, Kindler S, Windhorst S
CELL SIGNAL. 2016;28(1):83-90.

Spindle Activity Orchestrates Plasticity during Development and Sleep
Lindemann C, Ahlbeck J, Bitzenhofer S, Hanganu-Opatz I
NEURAL PLAST. 2016;5787423.

Balancing family with a successful career in neuroscience
Poirazi P, Belin D, Gräff J, Hanganu-Opatz I, López-Bendito G
EUR J NEUROSCI. 2016;44(2):1797-803.

Aromatase Expression in the Hippocampus of AD Patients and 5xFAD Mice
Prange-Kiel J, Dudzinski D, Pröls F, Glatzel M, Matschke J, Rune G
NEURAL PLAST. 2016;9802086.

Erratum to: Comparison of hemostatic dressings for superficial wounds using a new spectrophotometric coagulation assay
Rembe J, Böhm J, Fromm-Dornieden C, Schäfer N, Maegele M, Fröhlich M, Stuermer E
J TRANSL MED. 2016;14(1):218.

Comparing two polymeric biguanides: chemical distinction, antiseptic efficacy and cytotoxicity of polyaminopropyl biguanide and polyhexamethylene biguanide
Rembe J, Fromm-Dornieden C, Schäfer N, Böhm J, Stuermer E
J MED MICROBIOL. 2016;65(8):867-876.

Oestradiol synthesized by female neurons generates sex differences in neuritogenesis
Ruiz-Palmero I, Ortiz-Rodriguez A, Melcangi R, Caruso D, Garcia-Segura L, Rune G, Arevalo M
SCI REP-UK. 2016;6:31891.

Phenylketonuria: Direct and indirect effects of phenylalanine
Schlegel G, Scholz R, Ullrich K, Santer R, Rune G
EXP NEUROL. 2016;281:28-36.

Autoantibodies against thrombospondin type 1 domain-containing 7A induce membranous nephropathy
Tomas N, Hoxha E, Reinicke A, Fester L, Helmchen U, Gerth J, Bachmann F, Budde K, Nolte F, Zahner G, Rune G, Lambeau G, Meyer-Schwesinger C, Stahl R
J CLIN INVEST. 2016;126(7):2519-32.

The road to independence. How to get funding in neuroscience
Yaksi E, Poirazi P, Hanganu-Opatz I
EUR J NEUROSCI. 2016;43(5):603-7.

Resting-state theta-band connectivity and verbal memory in schizophrenia and in the high-risk state
Andreou C, Leicht G, Nolte G, Polomac N, Moritz S, Karow A, Hanganu-Opatz I, Engel A, Mulert C
SCHIZOPHR RES. 2015;161(2-3):299-307.

Increased Resting-State Gamma-Band Connectivity in First-Episode Schizophrenia
Andreou C, Nolte G, Leicht G, Polomac N, Hanganu-Opatz I, Lambert M, Engel A, Mulert C
SCHIZOPHRENIA BULL. 2015;41(4):930-939.

The effect of estrogen synthesis inhibition on hippocampal memory
Bayer J, Rune G, Schultz H, Tobia M, Mebes I, Katzler O, Sommer-Blöchl T

Oscillatory activity in developing prefrontal networks results from theta-gamma-modulated synaptic inputs.
Bitzenhofer S, Sieben K, Spehr M, Hanganu-Opatz I
CELL REP. 2015;11(3):486-497.

Neonatal hypoxia-ischemia impairs juvenile recognition memory by disrupting the maturation of prefrontal-hippocampal networks
Domnick N, Gretenkord S, De Feo V, Sedlacik J, Brockmann M, Hanganu-Opatz I
EXP NEUROL. 2015;273:202-14.

Cetylpyridinium chloride and miramistin as antiseptic substances in chronic wound management - prospects and limitations
Fromm-Dornieden C, Rembe J, Schäfer N, Böhm J, Stuermer E
J MED MICROBIOL. 2015;64(Pt 4):407-414.

Introduction to the Special Issue on Multisensory Development and Plasticity
Gori M, Hanganu-Opatz I
MULTISENS RES. 2015;28(1-2):31-32.

You are not alone: selecting your group members and leading an outstanding research team
Hanganu-Opatz I, Mameli M, Káradóttir R, Spires-Jones T
EUR J NEUROSCI. 2015;42(12):3012-7.

Unraveling Cross-Modal Development in Animals: Neural Substrate, Functional Coding and Behavioral Readout
Hanganu-Opatz I, Rowland B, Bieler M, Sieben K
MULTISENS RES. 2015;28(1-2):33-69.

Hippocampal synaptic connectivity in phenylketonuria
Horling K, Schlegel G, Schulz S, Vierk R, Ullrich K, Santer R, Rune G
HUM MOL GENET. 2015;4(24):1007-1018.

Event-related potential evidence for a dynamic (re-)weighting of somatotopic and external coordinates of touch during visual-tactile interactions
Ley P, Steinberg U, Hanganu-Opatz I, Röder B
EUR J NEUROSCI. 2015;41(11):1466-74.

Treatment during a vulnerable developmental period rescues a genetic epilepsy
Marguet S, Le-Schulte V, Merseburg A, Neu A, Eichler R, Jakovcevski I, Ivanov A, Hanganu-Opatz I, Bernard C, Morellini F, Isbrandt D
NAT MED. 2015;21(12):1436-44.

Retroperitoneal anatomy of the iliohypogastric, ilioinguinal, genitofemoral, and lateral femoral cutaneous nerve: consequences for prevention and treatment of chronic inguinodynia
Reinpold W, Schroeder A, Schroeder M, Berger C, Rohr M, Wehrenberg U
HERNIA. 2015;19(4):539-48.

Comparison of hemostatic dressings for superficial wounds using a new spectrophotometric coagulation assay
Rembe J, Böhm J, Fromm-Dornieden C, Schäfer N, Maegele M, Fröhlich M, Stuermer E
J TRANSL MED. 2015;13:375.

Neonatal Restriction of Tactile Inputs Leads to Long-Lasting Impairments of Cross-Modal Processing
Sieben K, Bieler M, Röder B, Hanganu-Opatz I
PLOS BIOL. 2015;13(11):Art. e1002304.

Structure-function-behavior relationship in estrogen-induced synaptic plasticity
Vierk R, Bayer J, Freitag S, Muhia M, Kutsche K, Wolbers T, Kneussel M, Sommer-Blöchl T, Rune G
HORM BEHAV. 2015;74:139-48.

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