Welcome in the department of intensive care

All intensive care units with adult surgery, internal medicine, neurology and cardiology patients belong to our Department. Although our main goal is to give patients the highest standard of care possible in each respective field, we also provide interdisciplinary care of complex intensive care problems. Moreover, we implement a joint treatment concept involving intensive care specialists and referring physicians: For instance surgeons, internists or neurologists initiate therapy of the primary disease, while doctors in our Department monitor the intensive care therapy requirements.

The goal of intensive care therapy is to transfer patients at the end of therapy in a stable condition to another ward for further care. The readmission rate in the first 24 hours after discharge - a measure of the stability of the patient at the time of transfer - was just 1.30 percent (1-12/2015) - and therefore very low by comparing nationwide.

Department statistics 2015
42.043Days in intensive care
392.645Hours of respiratory support
5,08Days average stay

The Department of Intensive Care with his 12 intensive care units employs 115 doctors and 460 caregivers on the nursing staff. Over one-third of the nursing staff has specialized training in anesthesiology and intensive medicine. The size of the nursing staff has increased continuously over the past two years.