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Midwifery degree program iMID

The Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg) and the Faculty of Medicine of the Universität Hamburg offer the inter-university dual degree program Midwifery B.Sc. (210 ECTS credits).

The degree program iMID started in the winter semester 2020/2021. It has a modular structure, comprises seven semesters and interlinks theoretical and practical components. The cooperation between the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine of Universität Hamburg offers the unique opportunity in Germany to use the expertise of both universities. An innovative, practice-integrating and research-oriented study program is offered, with the possibility of various specialisations and the connection to research foci in a broad research field.

  • The dual inter-university degree program in Midwifery B.Sc. qualifies students for science-based planning and practice of the original midwifery work in the phases of family planning, pregnancy, birth and postpartum/early parenthood until the end of breastfeeding in outpatient and inpatient settings.

    Students receive an academic degree and a professional licence as a midwife.

    Conceptually, theoretical and practical as well as clinical and non-clinical places of learning are interlinked in the study programme. A didactic mix of different learning and teaching methods, such as teaching in the skills lab, practical guidance, learning portfolio, e-learning, problem-based learning, research-based learning, interdisciplinary teaching and interdisciplinary learning complement an integrated and varied study programme.

  • Graduates possess the competences required for the practice of the profession as midwife and are therefore able to:

    1. accompany and care for expectant and young families in the phases of family planning, pregnancy, birth (out-of-hospital and clinical), postpartum, the first year of life and until the end of breastfeeding in an evidence-based and guideline-oriented manner.

    2. work in sole responsibility in physiological processes.

    3. work with shared responsibility in the case of deviating courses.

    4. work across professions.

    5. consider biological, medical, psychosocial and health-promoting conditions and professional regulations in their decisions.

    6. act in an ethically reflective manner and to take socio-political conditions and provisions of professional law into account in their decisions.

    7. provide support to expectant and young families in a spirit of partnership and in a culturally sensitive manner.

    8. develop, together with other professions, health-promoting care and prevention concepts for the life phase of becoming a parent.

    9. work as an independent entrepreneur.

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    After successful completion of all compulsory examination and study achievements, including the Bachelor's thesis and the compulsory practical periods, the Bachelor's degree in Midwifery Bachelor of Science is awarded with the seals of both universities. In addition, the certificate of permission to use the professional title according to § 5 paragraph 1 of the Law on the Study and Profession of Midwives is issued by the responsible state authority.

    The university part of the degree program and the theoretical and practical courses take place at the teaching and learning locations of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine of Universität Hamburg at the UKE. The practical part of the degree program takes place in the responsible practice facilities and their cooperating academic practice facilities in and around Hamburg as well as with cooperating midwives in private practice and in cooperating midwife-led birth centres/outpatient facilities.

    The program starts once a year in the winter semester. The semester times are as follows:

    • Winter semester: 01.10. - 31.03.
    • Summer semester: 01.04. - 30.09.

    The degree program extends over 7 semesters and comprises 210 ECTS distributed over 22 modules. The following illustration shows the distribution and content focus of the modules. The blue modules are those for which the Faculty of Medicine at UKE is responsible, the red ones are those of HAW Hamburg.

    Each module concludes with at least one examination or course assignment. The larger modules can include several examinations or coursework. The student decides at which university the Bachelor's thesis will be written. The parts of the state examination for permission to use the professional title take place as module examinations in the last two semesters of study.

    As a dual degree program, Midwifery students are remunerated monthly during the seven semesters of the standard program duration. Remuneration is paid by the responsible practice institution or hospital in Hamburg, with which an employment contract is concluded.

    For more details, please refer to our German website .

  • For all details on the multi-level application process, please refer to our German website.

  • If you have any questions about the degree programme, please contact Charlotte Cagnie (study degree coordination):