Welcome to the Department of General, Visceral and Thoracic Surgery!

We offer the best possible treatment for diseases of the thorax, lungs, abdominal cavity, hormone-producing organs, vascular system and pathological obesity.

We develop treatment strategies with our patients and specialized consultants. Our options for treating malignant diseases range from partial organ resection to complete removal of several organ systems. We attempt to preserve or restore organ function and minimize pain by using minimally invasive procedures.

Our department has the greatest experience in all of northern Germany with operations of the pancreas and periampullary tumors. We are also one of the largest obesity centers in Germany.

Our treatments focus on adrenal disorders, soft tissue sarcomas, colon, rectal and anal diseases, diseases of the lungs and thorax and pathological obesity. A HIPEC consultation informs patients of intraoperative chemotherapy options. All cases are presented to an interdisciplinary board, on whose recommendations an individual, customized treatment plan is developed.

Our key research interests are in three areas: cancer of the abdominal cavity and thorax, pancreatic diseases, and advancement of minimally invasive surgeries.

Our tumor research is mainly concerned with mechanisms leading to the formation and spread of metastases.

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