established in 1987 as the first center for basic research in molecular neurobiology in Germany (see History), has today five institutes, nine research groups, four guest groups and seven core facilities. The ZMNH Scientific Advisory Board (see below) advises the ZMNH in its strategic planning.

You may find an overview on ZMNH's scientific activfities and publications in the ZMNH Reports , on the ZMNH News website and on the publications websites of the ZMNH institutes and research groups..

To promote scientific exchange and collaboration, there are various interdisciplinary teaching and training offers such as the ZMNH-based Graduate Program in Molecular Biology (ASMB), ZMNH-Seminars and symposia (see ZMNH Teaching, ZMNH Events ) as well as the Annual Blankenese Conferences .

Open positions are announced on the News websites of the ZMNH institutes and research groups.

Members of the ZMNH Scientific Advisory Board

Current Collaborative Research Projects at ZMNH

- DFG Collaborative Research Centre SFB 936 "Multi-site Communication in the Brain" Projects at ZMNH (Third Funding Period 07/2011 - 06/2023)

DFG Collaborative Research Centre SFB 877 “Proteolysis as a Regulatory Event in Pathophysiology” Project at ZMNH (Third funding period 2018 - 2022)

DFG Collaborative Research Centre SFB 1328 “Adenine nucleotides in immunity and inflammation” Projects at ZMNH (Funding period 07/2018 – 06/2022)

- DFG Priority Programme SPP 1926 "Next Generation Optogenetics: Tool Development and Application" Project at ZMNH (Funding period: 07/2016 - 06/2022)

- DFG Research Unit FOR 2289 "Calcium homeostasis in neuroinflammation and -degeneration: New treatment targets for the therapy of multiple sclerosis?" Project at ZMNH (Funding period 01/2019 - 12/2021)

- DFG Research Unit FOR 2419 "Plasticity versus Stability - Molecular Mechanisms of Synaptic Strength" PIs at ZMNH (Funding period 01/2016 - 12/2021)

- DFG Clinical Research Unit KFO 296 “Feto-maternal immune cross talk: Consequences for maternal and offspring's health” Project at ZMNH (Funding period 08/2018 - 07/2021)

- DFG Priority Programme SPP 1738 "Emerging roles of non-coding RNAs in nervous system development, plasticity & disease" Project at ZMNH (Funding Period 09/2017 – 08/2020)

DFG Collaborative Research Centre SFB 1286 "Quantitative Synaptology" Project at ZMNH (Funding Period 07/2017 - 06/2021)

- Hamburg Ministry of Science and Research „Identification of immune mechanisms in diseases with sex-specific differences“ Project at ZMNH (Funding Period 04/2017 - 09/2020)

- National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS) : „International Deprexis Trial in Multiple Sclerosis (IDEMS) - a Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial“ Project at ZMNH (Funding Period 04/2016 - 03/2020)