International Scientists

Scientists from all over the world work at the UKE. We present some of them here.

Prof. Dr. Stefano Panzeri

In pursuit of the code

Prof. Dr. Stefano Panzeri has worked at universities in Italy, Great Britain and the USA. The mathematical neuroscientist seeks to further advance brain research at the medical faculty of Hamburg University, which has the University of Excellence status.

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Prof. Dr Pablo J. Sáez

An experimental kit and big plans

From Santiago de Chile via Paris to Hamburg - Prof. Dr Pablo J. Sáez came to the Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Cell Biology in the summer of 2020. With his professorship he also received his own laboratory in the Fritz Schumacher-Haus, where he and his team research the migration of immune cells.

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Prof. Maya Topf

Arrival in Hamburg

Renowned scientist from Israel has accepted UKE-professorship. Professor Maya Topf has been conducting research at the Centre for Structural Systems Biology (CSSB) since 1 October 2020 upon appointment by the UKE and HPI. The native Israeli had previously worked at universities in Oxford, San Francisco and London. With her new team she will work on developing antiviral therapies.

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