First workshop "Systematic Review and Metaanalysis" with PD Dr. Levente Kriston a complete success!

On November 25th and 26th, the MSNZ Hamburg offered the first two-day workshop on "Systematic Review and Metaanalysis" at the request of our MSNZ fellows who conceived this fantastic idea! Due to the current corona measures, the workshop had to take place online, but this was no obstacle to a constructive cooperation. On the first day, the complex topic was introduced in shorter blocks with exercises, the second day was reserved for "brought along" questions of the participants, which were worked on together. The demand from potential participants was overwhelming. In addition to a large number of our grant recipients, Dr. Kriston, who himself works at the UKE in the Institute for Medical Psychology, was able to accept a large number of other participants from the UCCH (and yet there was a long waiting list). The feedback from the participants was consistently positive, so we will certainly offer this workshop regularly and again in 2021. We thank the German Cancer Aid for making this possible!


  • 01.07.2020 Second partner laboratory takes up work

    On July 1, 2020, the second partner laboratory funded by the MSNZ will take up its activities. Over the next three years, Dr. Simon Joosse (PhD, MAS, BASc) from the Institute of Tumor Biology and PD Dr. med. Katharina Prieske from the Department of Gynecology will work together on the question of how ovarian cancer develops, how and why metastases develop in some patients and, above all, will focus on the extent to which the cancer can mutate and genetically change under therapy/through therapy. The results of the project should above all serve to find new treatment options, also with regard to metastasis, but also to prevent metastasis and to better stratify patients into individual treatment regimens.We are looking forward to a productive funding period !

  • 29.04.2020 Dr. Stefan Werner receives DFG funding for three years

    The German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG) has granted funding for three years to our MSNZ fellow Dr. Stefan Werner (Medical Scientist with external partner) for a joint project with Prof. Dr. Klaus Pantel for the project "Analysis of RAI2 function in antiandrogen resistance of prostate cancer". This will allow Dr. Werner's work on the hitherto largely unexplored RAI2 protein and its role in the metastasis of solid tumours to gain further momentum and the research group to expand its staff.We congratulate Dr. Werner and Prof. Pantel for this achievement!