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On this page, MSNZ fellows, but also all other interested Clinician and Medical Scientists, will find helpful links and references to training courses, funding opportunities, calls for proposals from other funding bodies and much more.

We are also happy to provide you with advice and support, should you not be able to find what you are looking for here!

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Support for Families

One point firmly anchored in the UKE and also in our programme is to provide the best possible support for our scholarship holders who are parents.

Becoming an executive, being a manager, being able to independently design and lead a research project and at the same time "being there" for one's own family, but also the knowledge that one's own children are well looked after or the possibility of being able to pass on household tasks in an emergency are important aspects of everyday work, both in the clinic and in the research department.

The UKE itself already offers many support services through UKE INside, such as the UKE's own daycare centre or free holiday care for school children. Guest children of students or colleagues who are working at UKE for a shorter period of time (four weeks to six months; e.g. research stay) can now also be cared for in the UKE day-care center as part of a pilot project.

In addition, the day care centre also offers weekend care for children without a permanent slot in the UKE Kita.
to the UKE Kita (page is in German only)

to the UKEinside for families program

We can offer our MSNZ fellows even more support than the services provided by the UKE.

Since summer 2020, we have been working in cooperation with the Hamburg "Notfallmamas" ( Emergency childcare - Die Notfallmamas ). Here, childcare for children of all ages can be requested from experienced (specialist) staff and booked at short notice. Thus, for example, daycare center closing times or long afternoons in the lab can be covered with loving care without time pressure or a guilty conscience. The care can be booked for a short period of time as well as for longer periods (e.g. one or two specific afternoons/evenings a week on a regular basis). Thanks to the kind support of the German Cancer Aid, the MSNZ will cover the costs upon application. If you are interested, we recommend that you browse through the Notfallmamas website and then contact us by phone or e-mail. We will then assist you with the initial contact and clarify the formalities. You can find a report by Dr. Stefan Werner, who took advantage of this opportunity last summer, under the heading "In person - reports on the experiences of our fellows" further down on this page.

We look forward to receiving inquiries from our fellows!

In Person - Reports on the Experiences of our Fellows

  • In addition to many other things, we also support our fellows in balancing work and family life.

    In June we launched a cooperation with the Hamburg "Notfallmamas" ( ). Our colleague Dr. Stefan Werner was the first to test this offer and subsequently told us about his positive experiences:

    MSNZ HH: "How did you come to use the services of the Notfallmamas?"

    S.W.: "After the end of the first Corona lockdown, there was a need for my wife and me to return to the office and also to the lab, respectively. A master thesis and a doctoral dissertation had to be completed and, in addition, the existing IT infrastructure did not allow us to permanently do without the computer in the office and manage everything through remote work.
    At that time, unfortunately, our daughter's school was still closed. The home schooling offered was also unfortunately very scarce or done inefficiently, so she had to spend many mornings and afternoons alone and mostly occupied herself with TV and video games.
    In this situation, the Notfallmamas offer came in handy. Our daughter could be looked after by our "emergency mom" several times a week for four hours, which fundamentally defused the situation and enabled us to work without a guilty conscience or prevented us from stopping work prematurely."

    MSNZ HH: "Did a partnership/getting to know the caregiver come about quickly and easily?"

    S.W.: "The agency was very purposeful in placing us. There were only two phone calls. Getting to know each other was completely uncomplicated. Our emergency mom comes from our district, she was a student teacher at the time, she is a big Harry Potter fan like our daughter and even went to the same school as our daughter until middle school. So our emergency mom was like made up."

    MSNZ HH: "How satisfied were you with the care/did the care meet your expectations?"

    S.W.: "We were very happy with the care, which was especially because the emergency mom got along so well with our daughter. Both of them worked for school first and did something nice together afterwards."

    MSNZ HH: "Would you want to use the services of the Notfallmamas again if needed and would you recommend them?"

    S.W.: "Yes, definitely. It was a super thing, of course we would prefer to have the same emergency mom again. However, I would not like to see any more emergencies. It would be best if the school stayed open and our daughter spent her time with her classmates."