Provision of Pharmaceuticals in the UKE

The provision of pharmaceuticals to the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf is the primary function of the clinic pharmacy. We also supply the Agaplesion Diaconia Clinic Hamburg and the Altona Children´s Hospital with all their pharmaceutical needs. We organize the procurement of products from pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical wholesalers. To ensure this procurement remains efficient and economically prudent, we regularly negotiate with our suppliers on price and other conditions. Modern, structured and carefully planned storage facilities are essential in ensuring the rapid delivery of requested pharmaceuticals to the relevant wards. As some groups of patients (e.g. children) have no suitable pre-produced medicines or method of application, the UKE Pharmacy has its own production department which allows for the production of prescribed medication for these patients. In order to protect care staff on the wards from unnecessary contact with dangerous materials (e.g. chemotherapeutic agents) and to make less work for the nursing staff when preparing complex multi-medicine injections and infusion solutions, all these products are made in the production department of the UKE Pharmacy. This also includes mixing bags for parental feeding, with standard solution pre-filled perfusor syringes for the Department of Pediatrics and analgesic infusion bags for peridural analgesic treatment. We deliver the following products to wards and other sections:

  • Pre-prepared pharmaceuticals both from Germany and abroad, including plasma products
  • Anesthetics
  • Prescriptions drugs
  • Sterile medicine application methods (eye drops and baths, injection and infusion solutions)
  • Application-ready chemotherapy products
  • Disinfection products
  • Specially prepared drugs for clinical studies