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International Guests

  • European and Non-European Guest Doctors
  • Non-European Observer

Through a variety of international collaborations we offer the opportunity to work at the UKE to visiting doctors, guest students, guest doctors and guest surgeons from around the world. Due to our close collaboration with international hospitals and universities, both, the UKE and our guests, have long lasting benefits from this exchange of cultural and professional knowledge.

The UKE offers several advanced training opportunities for foreign colleagues, e.g.:

  • specialist medical training (residency)
  • guest surgeon during a medical congress at the UKE
  • Interships: visiting doctor or clinicoal elective students

All guests will be fully integrated in activities of clinics and institutes of the UKE during their stay.

The Human Resources - Legal & Organizational Department (GB PRO) serves as junction between the applicant and the respective clinic. To ensure a smooth and fast application process, all applications for advanced education measures are handled by the Human Resources Case Managers for International Guests.

Due to the high administrative effort required in processing of applications, the GB PRO charges a non-recurring administration-fee. The administration-fee will be charged for the applicant in case of acceptance by the UKE. The amount of the fee depends on the kind of course of action and the citizenship of the applicant (EU or Non-EU) and will lie between 200 € and 1000 € plus tax.

The effort for administrative operations including the communication with the public authorities is covered by the administration-fee. Upon acceptance, the GB PRO lends administrative and organizational support to the guests for the entire duration of their stay.

Unfortunately, acceptance by the UKE does not automatically imply the permission via the public authorities. The UKE has no influence on either the duration or the result of the approval procedure. Irrespective of approval or rejection by the authorities, this administrative fee will not be refunded.

All international guests from Non-European countries require:

  • a visa from the German Embassy
  • a residence permit and a work permit
  • a medicine license to practice (European and Non-European)

Hamburg is one of the most popular cities in Germany. Please note that the cost of living is therefor quite high and you will need at least 2500 € per month for expenses.

If you are a European Applicant for an Observer Ship, please send your application directly to the required department.

Applicants for European and Non-European Guest Doctors or Non-European Observer: We would be pleased to receive your application via mail at international.guest@uke.de