You have cancer or a person close to you? Would you like more information or are you looking for answers to your questions? These could be questions such as "What else can I do?", "How can I best clarify this with my health insurance company?", "What topics should I not forget to address at the next doctor's appointment?" or "To whom do I turn if I have questions about sports and nutrition?"

Against the background of the enormous psychological and physical exceptional situation of a cancer disease, there is sometimes no room for such topics and questions or they only arise later.

Our oncoguide will help you to find your way through the complexity and multifaceted nature of cancer. In addition, it is her concern to be at your side in view of the extensive information on offer and to find answers that are suitable for you and your situation.

Consultation hour

Wednesday 12:00 - 16:00 clock

Our oncoguide accompanies, informs and advises you during the consultation hour among other things with the following questions and requests:

  • sorting and evaluating the wide variety of information
  • in the understanding of medical information, but also of structures and processes of cancer therapy
  • finding an optimal way through the extensive accompanying offers
  • the optimal use of the offers for you
  • in the search for the relevant contact persons for your questions and concerns

The consultation hour takes place in German – on request we can provide a translator


Nadine Lippold
Nadine Lippold
  • Medical assistant

O43 , Ground Floor, Room number 3

Photo: Alexey Poprotskiy (Fotolia)