Research at the Department of Oncology

In addition to comprehensive clinical management, the Department of Oncology is recognized for several national and international scientific cooperations. A better understanding of pathogenesis is the foundation of molecularly targeted therapy, as it is also developed and further investigated at our research facilities. In more detail, intracellular mechanisms are switched off specifically in order to prevent tumor growth and metastases. These innovative therapies are applied to leukemia and solid tumors such as lung cancer, colorectal- and kidney cancer. For more information please refer to the homepages of our research groups (Working groups).

Development of such new approaches requires a well established clinical trials facility that has been substantially developed over the past years at our department. This way we can rapidly transfer scientific findings into clinical trials, but also further investigate medical challenges related to clinical care. The clinical trials facility as a central connecting point between internal and external partners as well as participating patients serves as a warrant to ensure compliance with all international ethical and scientific standards. In the section clinical trials you will find a complete listing of available recruiting trials (Studies & trials).