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Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy (4th edition)


Recommendations for the introduction of metagenomic high-throughput sequencing in clinical virology, part I:Wet lab procedure

J CLIN VIROL. 2021;134:104691.

Infant immunity against viral infections is advanced by the placenta-dependent vertical transfer of maternal antibodies
Albrecht M, Pagenkemper M, Wiessner C, Spohn M, Lütgehetmann M, Jacobsen H, Gabriel G, Zazara-Giannou D, Haertel C, Hecher K, Diemert A, Arck P
VACCINE. 2021.

Therapeutic shutdown of HBV transcripts promotes reappearance of the SMC5/6 complex and silencing of the viral genome in vivo
Allweiss L, Giersch K, Pirosu A, Volz T, Muench R, Beran R, Urban S, Javanbakht H, Fletcher S, Lütgehetmann M, Dandri M
GUT. 2021 [Epub ahead of print].

Fatal COVID-19 in a Child with Persistence of SARS-CoV-2 Despite Extensive Multidisciplinary Treatment:A Case Report
Apostolidou S, Harbauer T, Lasch P, Biermann D, Hempel M, Lütgehetmann M, Pfefferle S, Herrmann J, Rüffer A, Reinshagen K, Kozlik-Feldmann R, Gieras A, Kniep I, Oh J, Singer D, Ebenebe C, Kobbe R
Children (Basel, Switzerland). 2021;8(7):.

HEV-Associated Neuralgic Amyotrophy : A Multicentric Case Series
Bannasch J, Berger B, Schwartkopp C, Berning M, Goetze O, Panning M, Fritz-Weltin M, Trendelenburg G, Gelderblom M, Lütgehetmann M, Stute F, Horvatits T, Dirks M, Antoni C, Behrendt P, Pischke S
PATHOGENS. 2021;10(6):.

Performance of a loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay (Isoplex CRE-ART) to detect common carbapenemase-encoding genes in Gram-negative bacteria
Berneking L, Asar L, Both A, Berinson B, Aepfelbacher M, Lütgehetmann M, Rohde H
J MED MICROBIOL. 2021;70(7):.

Mucha-Habermann disease: a pediatric case report and proposal of a risk score
Blohm M, Ebenebe C, Rau C, Escherich C, Johannsen J, Escherich G, Driemeyer J, Nagel P, Kobbe R, Lütgehetmann M, Lennartz M, Booken N, Schneider S, Singer D
INT J DERMATOL. 2021 [Epub ahead of print].

Comparison of Two Real-Time PCR Assays Targeting Ribosomal Sequences for the Identification of Cystoisospora belli in Human Stool Samples
Blohm M, Hahn A, Hagen R, Eberhardt K, Rohde H, Leboulle G, Feldt T, Sarfo F, Cristanziano V, Frickmann H, Loderstädt U
PATHOGENS. 2021;10(8):.

Markers of neutrophil activation and extracellular trap formation predict appendicitis
Boettcher M, Schacker A, Esser M, Schönfeld L, Ebenebe C, Rohde H, Mokhaberi N, Trochimiuk M, Appl B, Raluy L, Reinshagen K, Klohs S, Königs I
SURGERY. 2021 [Epub ahead of print].

Distinct clonal lineages and within-host diversification shape invasive Staphylococcus epidermidis populations
Both A, Huang J, Qi M, Lausmann C, Weißelberg S, Büttner H, Lezius S, Failla A, Christner M, Stegger M, Gehrke T, Baig S, Citak M, Alawi M, Aepfelbacher M, Rohde H
PLOS PATHOG. 2021;17(2):e1009304.

Nicht-Cholera-Vibrionen – derzeit noch seltene, aber wachsende Infektionsgefahr in Nord- und Ostsee
Brehm T, Dupke S, Hauk G, Fickenscher H, Rohde H, Berneking L
INTERNIST. 2021;62(8):876-886.

Lower Levels of Transaminases but Higher Levels of Serum Creatinine in Patients with Acute Hepatitis E in Comparison to Patients with Hepatitis A
Brehm T, Mazaheri O, Horvatits T, Lütgehetmann M, Schulze Zur Wiesch J, Lohse A, Polywka S, Pischke S
PATHOGENS. 2021;10(1):60.

SARS-CoV-2 Reinfection in a Healthcare Worker Despite the Presence of Detectable Neutralizing Antibodies
Brehm T, Pfefferle S, von Possel R, Kobbe R, Nörz D, Schmiedel S, Grundhoff A, Olearo F, Emmerich P, Robitaille A, Günther T, Braun P, Andersen G, Knobloch J, Addo M, Lohse A, Aepfelbacher M, Fischer N, Schulze Zur Wiesch J, Lütgehetmann M
VIRUSES-BASEL. 2021;13(4):.

Comparison of clinical characteristics and disease outcome of COVID-19 and seasonal influenza
Brehm T, van der Meirschen M, Hennigs A, Roedl K, Jarczak D, Wichmann D, Frings D, Nierhaus A, Oqueka T, Fiedler W, Christopeit M, Kraef C, Schultze A, Lütgehetmann M, Addo M, Schmiedel S, Kluge S, Schulze Zur Wiesch J
SCI REP-UK. 2021;11(1):5803.

Detection of SARS-CoV-2 genomic and subgenomic RNA in retina and optic nerve of patients with COVID-19
Casagrande M, Fitzek A, Spitzer M, Püschel K, Glatzel M, Krasemann S, Aepfelbacher M, Nörz D, Lütgehetmann M, Pfefferle S, Spitzer M
BRIT J OPHTHALMOL. 2021 [Epub ahead of print].

Risk of transfusion-transmitted hepatitis E virus infection from pool-tested platelets and plasma
Cordes A, Goudeva L, Lütgehetmann M, Wenzel J, Behrendt P, Wedemeyer H, Heim A
J HEPATOL. 2021 [Epub ahead of print].

Staphylococcus epidermidis clones express Staphylococcus aureus-type wall teichoic acid to shift from a commensal to pathogen lifestyle
Du X, Larsen J, Li M, Walter A, Slavetinsky C, Both A, Sanchez Carballo P, Stegger M, Lehmann E, Liu Y, Liu J, Slavetinsky J, Duda K, Krismer B, Heilbronner S, Weidenmaier C, Mayer C, Rohde H, Winstel V, Peschel A
Nat Microbiol. 2021;6(6):757-768.

Intestinal Colonization with Tropheryma whipplei—Clinical and Immunological Implications for HIV Positive Adults in Ghana
Eberhardt K, Sarfo F, Klupp E, Dompreh A, Cristanziano V, Kuffour E, Boateng R, Norman B, Phillips R, Aepfelbacher M, Feldt T
Microorganisms. 2021;9(8):1781.

Prospective postmortem evaluation of 735 consecutive SARS-CoV-2-associated death cases
Fitzek A, Schädler J, Dietz E, Ron A, Gerling M, Kammal A, Lohner L, Falck C, Möbius D, Goebels H, Gerberding A, Schröder A, Sperhake J, Klein A, Fröb D, Mushumba H, Wilmes S, Anders S, Kniep I, Heinrich F, Langenwalder F, Meißner K, Lange P, Zapf A, Püschel K, Heinemann A, Glatzel M, Matschke J, Aepfelbacher M, Lütgehetmann M, Steurer S, Thorns C, Edler C, Ondruschka B
SCI REP-UK. 2021;11(1):19342.

Physical Activity Improves Mental Health in Children and Adolescents Irrespective of the Diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)—A Multi-Wave Analysis Using Data from the KiGGS Study
Ganjeh P, Meyer T, Hagmayer Y, Kuhnert R, Ravens-Sieberer U, von Steinbuechel N, Rothenberger A, Becker A
INT J ENV RES PUB HE. 2021;18(5):.

Post-Vaccination Anti-SARS-CoV-2-Antibody Response in Patients with Multiple Myeloma Correlates with Low CD19+ B-Lymphocyte Count and Anti-CD38 Treatment
Ghandili S, Schönlein M, Lütgehetmann M, Wiesch J, Becher H, Bokemeyer C, Sinn M, Weisel K, Leypoldt L
CANCERS. 2021;13(15):.

Murine hepatocytes do not support persistence of Hepatitis D Virus mono-infection in vivo
Giersch K, Hermanussen L, Volz T, Kah J, Allweiss L, Casey J, Sureau C, Dandri M, Lütgehetmann M
LIVER INT. 2021;41(2):410-419.

Strong Replication Interference Between Hepatitis Delta Viruses in Human Liver Chimeric Mice
Giersch K, Hermanussen L, Volz T, Volmari A, Allweiss L, Sureau C, Casey J, Huang J, Fischer N, Lütgehetmann M, Dandri M
FRONT MICROBIOL. 2021;12:671466.

Polymicrobial enteric infections in african infants with diarrhoea - Results from a longitudinal prospective case-control study
Heinemann M, Strauchs C, Lütgehetmann M, Aepfelbacher M, Klupp E, Owusu-Dabo E, Rolling T, Cramer J, Vinnemeier C
CLIN MICROBIOL INFEC. 2021 [Epub ahead of print].

Postmortem Stability of SARS-CoV-2 in Nasopharyngeal Mucosa
Heinrich F, Meißner K, Langenwalder F, Püschel K, Hoffmann A, Lütgehetmann M, Aepfelbacher M, Bibiza-Freiwald E, Pfefferle S, Heinemann A
EMERG INFECT DIS. 2021;27(1):.

Dying of VOC-202012/01 - multimodal investigations in a death case of the SARS-CoV-2 variant
Heinrich F, Romich C, Zimmermann T, Kniep I, Fitzek A, Steurer S, Glatzel M, Nörz D, Günther T, Czech-Sioli M, Fischer N, Grundhoff A, Lütgehetmann M, Ondruschka B
INT J LEGAL MED. 2021 [Epub ahead of print].

Simulation of Folding Kinetics for Aligned RNAs
Huang J, Voß B
GENES-BASEL. 2021;12(3):.

SARS-CoV-2-Zufallsentdeckungen bei Hamburger Todesfällen: ein epidemiologisches Monitoring während des dynamischen Infektionsgeschehens im Frühjahr 2020
Klein A, Langenwalder F, Heinrich F, Meißner K, Schröder A, Püschel K, Ondruschka B, Lütgehetmann M, Heinemann A
RECHTSMEDIZIN. 2021;2021:.

FIB/SEM-based analysis of Borrelia intracellular processing by human macrophages
Klose M, Scheungrab M, Luckner M, Wanner G, Linder S
J CELL SCI. 2021;134(5):.

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Two Automated Room Decontamination Devices Under Real-Life Conditions
Knobling B, Franke G, Klupp E, Belmar Campos C, Knobloch J
Front Public Health. 2021;9:618263.

Cefiderocol in Critically Ill Patients with Multi-Drug Resistant Pathogens: Real-Life Data on Pharmacokinetics and Microbiological Surveillance
König C, Both A, Rohde H, Kluge S, Frey O, Röhr A, Wichmann D
Antibiotics (Basel, Switzerland). 2021;10(6):.

Bacterial adhesion characteristics on implant materials for intervertebral cages: titanium or PEEK for spinal infections?
Krätzig T, Mende K, Mohme M, von Kroge S, Stangenberg M, Dreimann M, Westphal M, Weisselberg S, Eicker S
EUR SPINE J. 2021;30(6):1774-1782.

Cargo-specific recruitment in clathrin- and dynamin-independent endocytosis
Moreno-Layseca P, Jäntti N, Godbole R, Sommer C, Jacquemet G, Al-Akhrass H, Conway J, Kronqvist P, Kallionpää R, Oliveira-Ferrer L, Cervero P, Linder S, Aepfelbacher M, Zauber H, Rae J, Parton R, Disanza A, Scita G, Mayor S, Selbach M, Veltel S, Ivaska J
NAT CELL BIOL. 2021 [Epub ahead of print].

Individual Treatment Progress Predicts Satisfaction With Transition-Related Care for Youth With Gender Dysphoria: A Prospective Clinical Cohort Study
Nieder T, Mayer T, Hinz S, Fahrenkrug S, Herrmann L, Becker-Hebly I
J SEX MED. 2021;18(3):632-645.

Clinical evaluation of a fully automated, laboratory-developed multiplex RT-PCR assay integrating dual-target SARS-CoV-2 and influenza A/B detection on a high-throughput platform
Nörz D, Hoffmann A, Aepfelbacher M, Pfefferle S, Lütgehetmann M
J MED MICROBIOL. 2021;70(2):.

Multicenter Evaluation of a Fully Automated High-Throughput SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Immunoassay
Nörz D, Olearo F, Perisic S, Bauer M, Riester E, Schneider T, Schönfeld K, Laengin T, Lütgehetmann M
Infectious diseases and therapy. 2021 [Epub ahead of print].

Implementation of a multidisciplinary infections conference improves the treatment of spondylodiscitis
Ntalos D, Schoof B, Thiesen D, Viezens L, Kleinertz H, Rohde H, Both A, Luebke A, Strahl A, Dreimann M, Stangenberg M
SCI REP-UK. 2021;11(1):9515.

Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infections in Intensive Care
Ogica A, Burdelski C, Rohde H, Kluge S, de Heer G
J INTENSIVE CARE MED. 2021 [Epub ahead of print];8850666211010127.

Clinical performance and accuracy of a qPCR-based SARS-CoV-2 mass-screening workflow for healthcare-worker surveillance using pooled self-sampled gargling solutions: a cross-sectional study
Olearo F, Nörz D, Hoffman A, Grunwald M, Gatzemeyer K, Christner M, Both A, Campos C, Braun P, Andersen G, Pfefferle S, Zapf A, Aepfelbacher M, Knobloch J, Lütgehetmann M
J INFECTION. 2021 [Epub ahead of print].

Multiorgan tropism of SARS-CoV-2 lineage B.1.1.7
Ondruschka B, Heinrich F, Lindenmeyer M, Edler C, Möbius D, Czogalla J, Heinemann A, Braun F, Aepfelbacher M, Lütgehetmann M, Huber T
INT J LEGAL MED. 2021 [Epub ahead of print].

An inter‑laboratory study to investigate the impact of the bioinformatics component on microbiome analysis using mock communities
O’Sullivan D, Doyle R, Temisak S, Redshaw N, Whale A, Logan G, Huang J, Fischer N, Amos G, Preston M, Marchesi J, Wagner J, Parkhill J, Motro Y, Denise H, Finn R, Kay G, O'Grady J, Ransom-Jones E, Wu H, Laing E, Benavente E, Phelan J, Clark T, Moran-Gilad J, Huggett J
SCI REP-UK. 2021;11(1):10590.

Bacteriophage Rescue Therapy of a Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus faecium Infection in a One-Year-Old Child following a Third Liver Transplantation
Paul K, Merabishvili M, Hazan R, Christner M, Herden U, Gelman D, Khalifa L, Yerushalmy O, Coppenhagen-Glazer S, Harbauer T, Schulz-Jürgensen S, Rohde H, Fischer L, Aslam S, Rohde C, Nir-Paz R, Pirnay J, Singer D, Muntau A
VIRUSES-BASEL. 2021;13(9):1785.

SARS Coronavirus-2 variant tracing within the first Coronavirus Disease 19 clusters in northern Germany
Pfefferle S, Günther T, Kobbe R, Czech-Sioli M, Nörz D, Santer R, Oh J, Kluge S, Oestereich L, Peldschus K, Indenbirken D, Huang J, Grundhoff A, Aepfelbacher M, Knobloch J, Lütgehetmann M, Fischer N
CLIN MICROBIOL INFEC. 2021;27(1):130.e5-130.e8.

Hepatitis delta virus propagation enabled by hepatitis C virus - scientifically intriguing; but is it relevant to clinical practice?
Pflüger L, Schulze Zur Wiesch J, Polywka S, Lütgehetmann M
J VIRAL HEPATITIS. 2021;28(1):213-216.

Viral Dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 in Critically Ill Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Recipients and Immunocompetent Patients with COVID-19
Roedl K, Heidenreich S, Pfefferle S, Jarczak D, Urbanowicz T, Nörz D, Aepfelbacher M, Kröger N, Kluge S, Lütgehetmann M, Christopeit M, Wichmann D
AM J RESPIR CRIT CARE MED. 2021;203(2):242-245.

Severe liver dysfunction complicating course of COVID-19 in the critically ill: multifactorial cause or direct viral effect?
Roedl K, Jarczak D, Drolz A, Wichmann D, Boenisch O, de Heer G, Burdelski C, Frings D, Sensen B, Nierhaus A, Lütgehetmann M, Kluge S, Fuhrmann V
ANN INTENSIVE CARE. 2021;11(1):44.

HN1L/JPT2: A signaling protein that connects NAADP generation to Ca2+ microdomain formation
Roggenkamp H, Khansahib I, Hernandez C L, Zhang Y, Lodygin D, Krüger A, Gu F, Möckl F, Löhndorf A, Wolters V, Woike D, Rosche A, Bauche A, Schetelig D, Werner R, Schlüter H, Failla A, Meier C, Fliegert R, Walseth T, Flügel A, Diercks B, Guse A
SCI SIGNAL. 2021;14(675):.

SARS-CoV2-specific humoral and T-cell immune response after second vaccination in liver cirrhosis and transplant patients
Ruether D, Schaub G, Duengelhoef P, Haag F, Brehm T, Fathi A, Wehmeyer M, Jahnke-Triankowski J, Mayer L, Hoffmann A, Fischer L, Addo M, Lütgehetmann M, Lohse A, Schulze Zur Wiesch J, Sterneck M
CLIN GASTROENTEROL H. 2021 [Epub ahead of print].

Development of the "Hamburg Best Practice Guidelines for ICV-Enzyme Replacement therapy (ERT) in CLN2 Disease" Based on 6 Years Treatment Experience in 48 Patients
Schwering C, Kammler G, Wibbeler E, Christner M, Knobloch J, Nickel M, Denecke J, Baehr M, Schulz A
J CHILD NEUROL. 2021;36(8):635-641.

Vertically transferred maternal immune cells promote neonatal immunity against early life infections
Stelzer I, Urbschat C, Schepanski S, Thiele K, Triviai I, Wieczorek A, Alawi M, Ohnezeit D, Kottlau J, Huang J, Fischer N, Mittrücker H, Solano M, Fehse B, Diemert A, Stahl F, Arck P
NAT COMMUN. 2021;12(1):4706.

Inefficient Placental Virus Replication and Absence of Neonatal Cell-Specific Immunity Upon Sars-CoV-2 Infection During Pregnancy
Tallarek A, Urbschat C, Fonseca Brito L, Stanelle-Bertram S, Krasemann S, Frascaroli G, Thiele K, Wieczorek A, Felber N, Lütgehetmann M, Markert U, Hecher K, Brune W, Stahl F, Gabriel G, Diemert A, Arck P
FRONT IMMUNOL. 2021;12:698578.

Less than you’d think - a prospective study on MRSA-colonization in healthy travelers
Tran D, Winter D, Christner M, Ramharter M, Addo M, Rolling T, Vinnemeier C, Koch T

Benchmark of thirteen bioinformatic pipelines for metagenomic virus diagnostics using datasets from clinical samples
Vries J, Brown J, Fischer N, Sidorov I, Morfopoulou S, Huang J, Claas E
J CLIN VIROL. 2021;141(104908):.

B cell analysis in SARS‐CoV‐2 versus malaria: Increased frequencies of plasmablasts and atypical memory B cells in COVID‐19
Wildner N, Ahmadi P, Schulte S, Brauneck F, Kohsar M, Lütgehetmann M, Beisel C, Addo M, Haag F, Schulze zur Wiesch J
J LEUKOCYTE BIOL. 2021;109(1):77-90.

Molecular Mechanisms of Borrelia burgdorferi Phagocytosis and Intracellular Processing by Human Macrophages
Woitzik P, Linder S
Biology. 2021;10(7):567.

Control of SARS-CoV-2 infection in rituximab-treated neuroimmunological patients
Woo M, Steins D, Häußler V, Kohsar M, Haag F, Elias-Hamp B, Heesen C, Lütgehetmann M, Schulze Zur Wiesch J, Friese M
J NEUROL. 2021;268(1):5-7.

Rätselhafte B-Symptomatik bei einem 61-Jährigen unter Therapie einer rheumatoiden Arthritis
Wüstenberg R, Christner M, Schmiedel S, Tariparast A, Wichmann D, Lennartz M, Klose H, Kluge S
INTERNIST. 2021 [Epub ahead of print].

Clonal expansion and activation of tissue-resident memory-like Th17 cells expressing GM-CSF in the lungs of severe COVID-19 patients
Zhao Y, Kilian C, Turner J, Bosurgi L, Roedl K, Bartsch P, Gnirck A, Cortesi F, Schultheiß C, Hellmig M, Enk L, Hausmann F, Borchers A, Wong M, Paust H, Siracusa F, Scheibel N, Herrmann M, Rosati E, Bacher P, Kylies D, Jarczak D, Lütgehetmann M, Pfefferle S, Steurer S, Zur Wiesch J, Puelles V, Sperhake J, Addo M, Lohse A, Binder M, Huber S, Huber T, Kluge S, Bonn S, Panzer U, Gagliani N, Krebs C
Sci Immunol. 2021;6(56):.

Tuberculosis Disease in Children and Adolescents on Therapy With Antitumor Necrosis Factor-ɑ Agents: A Collaborative, Multicenter Paediatric Tuberculosis Network European Trials Group (ptbnet) Study

CLIN INFECT DIS. 2020;71(10):2561-2569.

Merkel Cell Polyomavirus Encodes Circular RNAs (circRNAs) Enabling a Dynamic circRNA/microRNA/mRNA Regulatory Network
Abere B, Zhou H, Li J, Cao S, Toptan T, Grundhoff A, Fischer N, Moore P, Chang Y
MBIO. 2020;11(6):.

Emergence of coagulase-negative staphylococci
Becker K, Both A, Weißelberg S, Heilmann C, Rohde H
EXPERT REV ANTI-INFE. 2020;18(4):349-366.

Identification of Kosakonia cowanii as a rare cause of acute cholecystitis:case report and review of the literature
Berinson B, Bellon E, Christner M, Both A, Aepfelbacher M, Rohde H
BMC INFECT DIS. 2020;20(1):366.

High rates of cirrhosis and severe clinical events in patients with HBV/HDV co-infection:longitudinal analysis of a German cohort:longitudinal analysis of a German cohort
Bockmann J, Grube M, Hamed V, von Felden J, Landahl J, Wehmeyer M, Giersch K, Hall M, Murray J, Dandri M, Lüth S, Lohse A, Lütgehetmann M, Schulze Zur Wiesch J
BMC GASTROENTEROL. 2020;20(1):24.

Rapid identification of the vanA/vanB resistance determinant in Enterococcus sp. from blood cultures using the Cepheid Xpert vanA/vanB cartridge system
Both A, Berneking L, Berinson B, Lütgehetmann M, Christner M, Aepfelbacher M, Rohde H
DIAGN MICR INFEC DIS. 2020;96(4):114977.

SARS-CoV-2 renal tropism associates with acute kidney injury
Braun F, Lütgehetmann M, Pfefferle S, Wong M, Carsten A, Lindenmeyer M, Nörz D, Heinrich F, Meißner K, Wichmann D, Kluge S, Gross O, Pueschel K, Schröder A, Edler C, Aepfelbacher M, Puelles V, Huber T
LANCET. 2020;396(10251):597-598.

Wound infection with Vibrio harveyi following a traumatic leg amputation after a motorboat propeller injury in Mallorca, Spain:a case report and review of literature
Brehm T, Berneking L, Rohde H, Chistner M, Schlickewei C, Sena Martins M, Schmiedel S
BMC INFECT DIS. 2020;20(1):104.

Risk factors for different intestinal pathogens among patients with traveler's diarrhea: A retrospective analysis at a German travel clinic (2009-2017)
Brehm T, Lütgehetmann M, Tannich E, Addo M, Lohse A, Rolling T, Vinnemeier C
TRAVEL MED INFECT DI. 2020;37:101706.

High effectiveness of multimodal infection control interventions in preventing SARS−CoV−2 infections in healthcare professionals: a prospective longitudinal seroconversion study
Brehm T, Schwinge D, Lampalzer S, Schlicker V, Küchen J, Thompson M, Ullrich F, Huber S, Schmiedel S, Addo M, Lütgehetmann M, Knobloch J, Schulze zur Wiesch J, Lohse A
medRxiv BMJ. 2020.

A Giant Extracellular Matrix Binding Protein of Staphylococcus epidermidis Binds Surface-Immobilized Fibronectin via a Novel Mechanism
Büttner H, Perbandt M, Kohler T, Kikhney A, Wolters M, Christner M, Heise M, Wilde J, Weißelberg S, Both A, Betzel C, Hammerschmidt S, Svergun D, Aepfelbacher M, Rohde H
MBIO. 2020;11(5):.

Detection of SARS-CoV-2 in Human Retinal Biopsies of Deceased COVID-19 Patients
Casagrande M, Fitzek A, Püschel K, Aleshcheva G, Schultheiss H, Berneking L, Spitzer M, Schultheiss M
OCUL IMMUNOL INFLAMM. 2020;28(5):721-725.

The Ubiquitin specific Protease Usp7, a novel Merkel cell polyomavirus Large T-Antigen interaction partner, modulates viral DNA replication
Czech-Sioli M, Siebels S, Radau S, Zahedi R, Schmidt C, Dobner T, Grundhoff A, Fischer N
J VIROL. 2020;94(5):.

Correction to:Dying with SARS-CoV-2 infection-an autopsy study of the first consecutive 80 cases in Hamburg, Germany
Edler C, Schröder A, Aepfelbacher M, Fitzek A, Heinemann A, Heinrich F, Klein A, Langenwalder F, Lütgehetmann M, Meißner K, Püschel K, Schädler J, Steurer S, Mushumba H, Sperhake J
INT J LEGAL MED. 2020;134(5):1977.

Dying with SARS-CoV-2 infection-an autopsy study of the first consecutive 80 cases in Hamburg, Germany
Edler C, Schröder A, Aepfelbacher M, Fitzek A, Heinemann A, Heinrich F, Klein A, Langenwalder F, Lütgehetmann M, Meißner K, Püschel K, Schädler J, Steurer S, Mushumba H, Sperhake J
INT J LEGAL MED. 2020;134(4):1275-1284.

Detection of C. difficile toxin as a model assay for performing fully automated high-throughput RT-PCR on clinical stool samples
Eigner U, Nörz D, Reucher S, Furrer J, Sun J, Chu K, Kolb M, Hefner N, Pfefferle S, Lütgehetmann M
J MICROBIOL METH. 2020;172:105882.

Infection-induced epigenetic changes and their impact on the pathogenesis of diseases
Fischer N
SEMIN IMMUNOPATHOL. 2020;42(2):127-130.

Evidence for systematic autopsies in COVID-19 positive deceased:Case report of the first German investigated COVID-19 death
Fitzek A, Sperhake J, Edler C, Schröder A, Heinemann A, Heinrich F, Ron A, Mushumba H, Lütgehetmann M, Püschel K

Autoantibodies to intracellular "rods and rings" structures in two patients with autoimmune hepatitis treated with azathioprine
Galaski J, Koop A, Lütgehetmann M, Lohse A, Weiler-Normann C
AUTOIMMUNITY. 2020;53(6):362-365.

Challenges in treatment of patients with acute leukemia and COVID-19: a series of 12 patients
Ghandili S, Pfefferle S, Roedl K, Sonnemann P, Karagiannis P, Boenisch O, Kluge S, Schmiedel S, Ittrich H, Rohde H, Lütgehetmann M, Weisel K, Bokemeyer C, Wichmann D, Fiedler W, Jarczak D, Modemann F
Blood advances. 2020;4(23):5936-5941.

Antibiotic sensitivity in correlation to the origin of secondary peritonitis: a single center analysis
Grotelüschen R, Heidelmann L, Lütgehetmann M, Melling N, Reeh M, Ghadban T, Dupree A, Izbicki J, Bachmann K
SCI REP-UK. 2020;10(1):18588.

SARS-CoV-2 outbreak investigation in a German meat processing plant
Günther T, Czech-Sioli M, Indenbirken D, Robitaille A, Tenhaken P, Exner M, Ottinger M, Fischer N, Grundhoff A, Brinkmann M
EMBO MOL MED. 2020;12(12):e13296.

Temporal Changes in Patient-Matched Staphylococcus epidermidis Isolates from Infections:towards Defining a 'True' Persistent Infection
Harris L, Bodger O, Post V, Mack D, Morgenstern M, Rohde H, Moriarty T, Wilkinson T
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Germany's first COVID-19 deceased:a 59-year-old man presenting with diffuse alveolar damage due to SARS-CoV-2 infection
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