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Meeting with panel discussion was postponed!

Erika-Haus, UKE Campus Building W29, Martinistr. 52, Hamburg ( Map )


Ruben Fernandez-Busnadiego, Uni Göttingen

Kay Grünewald, CSSB Hamburg

Frederic Leroux, Leica Microsystems Diegem

Robert Kirmse, Leica Microsystems

Emine Korkmaz, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Rudolph Reimer, HPI Hamburg

Alex Rigort, MPI Martinsried

Michaela Schweizer, ZMNH Hamburg

After the Meeting you may visit the Facilities at

ZMNH Core Facility Morphology and Electron Microscopy

Our facility covers a large spectrum of light and electron microscopy techniques with a major focus on sample preparation and characterisation of genetically engineered animals, including immunolocalisation of proteins, ultrastructural analysis, and data processing.
We advice interested scientists on morphological questions and teach and train researchers in the application of microscopy techniques. Finally, our facility introduces and establishes new techniques and guarantees efficient use of the respective equipment.


• Performance of light- and electron microscopical investigations
• Advice and practical instruction in the application of histochemical techniques
• Instruction of researchers in operation of microscopes and accessories
• Introduction of useful new (immuno-) histochemical techniques and/or equipment


• Morphological studies of many kinds of tissues with light-, confocal laser scanning-, or transmission electron microscopy
• Patho-histological analysis of the whole body of transgenic mice
• Histo- (cyto) chemical staining procedures
• Immunohisto- (cyto) chemistry
• Pre- and postembedded immunogold labelling techniques
• Correlated light-and electron microscopy (CLEM)

We prepare cell and tissue samples for scientific histological and (immuno-) histochemical light and fluorescence microscopy. All preparation steps, (including fixation, sectioning with vibratome, cryotome or microtome, staining, mounting etc.) are performed by the group.

The Morphology Unit has at its disposal both conventional and fluorescence microscopes (Zeiss
Axiophot), as well as two confocal scanning laser microscopes in inverted (Leica SP2) and in
upright configuration (Olympus Fluoview 1000). We process cells and tissues for conventional
transmission electron microscopy (Zeiss 902) and offer immunolocalisation of gene products
applying pre- and postembedding protocols. We take care to preserve both antigenicity and structural integrity. All results are documented in high resolution digital images.




Sass F, Schlein C, Jaeckstein MY, Pertzborn P, Schweizer M, Schinke T, Ballabio A, Scheja L, Heeren J, Fischer AW (2021) TFEB deficiency attenuates mitochondrial degradation upon brown adipose tissue whitening at thermoneutrality. Mol Metab (Vol 47, May 2021, 101174) 2021 Jan 29;47:101173. doi: 10.1016/j.molmet.2021.101173. Online ahead of print.

Schlein C, Fischer AW, Sass F, Worthmann A, Tödter K, Jaeckstein MY, Behrens J, Lynes MD, Kiebish MA, Narain NR, Bussberg V, Darkwah A, Jespersen NZ, Nielsen S, Scheele C, Schweizer M, Braren I, Bartelt A, Tseng Y-H, Heeren J, Scheja L (2021) Endogenous fatty acid synthesis drives brown adipose tissue involution. Cell Rep 34: 108624.

For articles published before 2021 please visit the ZMNH Publications website .