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Spontaneous metastasis xenograft models link CD44 isoform 4 to angiogenesis, hypoxia, EMT and mitochondria-related pathways in colorectal cancer
Everest-Dass A, Nersisyan S, Maar H, Novosad V, Schröder-Schwarz J, Freytag V, Stuke J, Beine M, Schiecke A, Haider M, Kriegs M, Elakad O, Bohnenberger H, Conradi L, Raygorodskaya M, Krause L, von Itzstein M, Tonevitsky A, Schumacher U, Maltseva D, Wicklein D, Lange T
MOL ONCOL. 2024;18(1):62-90.

ALDH1A1 drives prostate cancer metastases and radioresistance by interplay with AR- and RAR-dependent transcription
Gorodetska I, Offermann A, Püschel J, Lukiyanchuk V, Gaete D, Kurzyukova A, Freytag V, Haider M, Fjeldbo C, Di Gaetano S, Schwarz F, Patil S, Borkowetz A, Erb H, Baniahmad A, Mircetic J, Lyng H, Löck S, Linge A, Lange T, Knopf F, Wielockx B, Krause M, Perner S, Dubrovska A
THERANOSTICS. 2024;14(2):714-737.

Comparison of ex vivo bioluminescence imaging, Alu-qPCR and histology for the quantification of spontaneous lung and bone metastases in subcutaneous xenograft mouse models
Haider M, Freytag V, Krause L, Spethmann T, Gosau T, Beine M, Knies C, Schröder-Schwarz J, Horn M, Riecken K, Lange T
CLIN EXP METASTAS. 2024;41(2):103-115.

Efficacy of zoledronic acid for the elimination of disseminated tumor cells in a clinically relevant, spontaneously metastatic prostate cancer xenograft model
Böckelmann L, Freytag V, Ahlers A, Maar H, Gosau T, Baranowsky A, Schmitz R, Pantel K, Schumacher U, Haider M, Lange T
BONE. 2023;171:116741.

Identification of potential classes of glycoligands mediating dynamic endothelial adhesion of human tumor cells
Starzonek S, Maar H, Mereiter S, Freytag V, Haider M, Riecken K, Huang Y, Jacob F, Wicklein D, Schumacher U, Lange T
GLYCOBIOLOGY. 2023;33(8):637-650.

MicroRNAs: Emerging Regulators of Metastatic Bone Disease in Breast Cancer
Haider M, Smit D, Taipaleenmäki H
CANCERS. 2022;14(3):.

Interleukins as Mediators of the Tumor Cell-Bone Cell Crosstalk during the Initiation of Breast Cancer Bone Metastasis
Haider M, Ridlmaier N, Smit D, Taipaleenmäki H
INT J MOL SCI. 2021;22(6):2898.

Role of miRNAs in Breast Cancer-induced Bone Disease
Haider M, Zarrer J, Smit D, Hesse E, Taipaleenmäki H
OSTEOLOGIE. 2021;30(3):211-221.

The Endosteal Niche in Breast Cancer Bone Metastasis
Haider M, Smit D, Taipaleenmäki H
FRONT ONCOL. 2020;10:335.

High Sensitivity of Circulating Tumor Cells Derived from a Colorectal Cancer Patient for Dual Inhibition with AKT and mTOR Inhibitors
Smit D, Cayrefourcq L, Haider M, Hinz N, Pantel K, Alix-Panabières C, Jücker M
CELLS-BASEL. 2020;9(9):.

Pathological Crosstalk between Metastatic Breast Cancer Cells and the Bone Microenvironment
Zarrer J, Haider M, Smit D, Taipaleenmäki H
BIOMOLECULES. 2020;10(2):.

Targeting the Metastatic Bone Microenvironment by MicroRNAs
Haider M, Taipaleenmäki H

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