Observership “Hands off” for Doctors from non-EU countries

Doctors / Physicians from all around the world may get the opportunity to work at the UKE. Due to a very close work with international clinics and universities, not just the UKE but also the International Guests benefit of a sustained exchange of cultural and specialized knowledge.


Applications will be received all year. There is no application deadline.
GB P only accepts applications in English or German language via email with attachments as PDF.


On request we will inform you which documents are required. Following documents should be ready in advance:

  • CV
  • Passport
  • Visa for Germany (if possible yet)
  • German language certificate (if possible only)
  • Letter of motivation
  • Date and duration of stay
  • Favoured department here .
  • Diploma / Bachelor / Master / Medical License or Temporary permit to practice medicine
  • Proof of finance or proof of scholarship
  • Other relevant papers (if interesting for the department you are applying for)

After receiving the application, it will be processed to the requested department. As soon as the department gives a feedback, the applicant will be informed by the GB P about the confirmation or the state of application.


The UKE charges an administration-fee for processing international applications, as soon as the department confirms the application. All procedures during the application are free of charge, except the one time only administration fee. The help of a typing pool or intermediary is not necessary.

The administration-fee:

  • Is due with confirmation of the department
  • Is a one-time only and independent of duration of observership
  • Is not refundable. The fee will not be refunded after refusal through the applicant after acceptance
  • The price for non-EU-observers is 476 EUR incl. 19% tax

The invitation letter will be sent out after receiving the payment of the one-time only administration-fee.

We would like to point out that an invitation and the interlinked training do not justify an employment. The observer does not receive any financial support of the UKE and has to organize / finance the entire stay during the observership themself. Please note, costs for accommodation, food, and travel tickets may be very high in Hamburg.