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Hamburg Center of Neuroscience (HCNS)

The Hamburg Center of NeuroScience (HCNS) constitutes a network of neuroscientific activites in Hamburg from the molecular level to clinical research. It provides numerous interfaces between institutes, faculties, and universities in Hamburg.

The main mission of the HCNS is promoting and facilitating large collaborative research projects. Current examples can be found on the page projects . A second goal of equal importance is optimizing student training and career development of researchers in the neurosciences.

The HCNS comprises more then 400 scientists and doctoral students of 31 institutes and clinical departments of the UKE , the University of Hamburg and the Helmut-Schmidt University . The HCNS follows the general philosophy that modern neuroscientific methods make it possible to understand normal and pathological function of the brain and, by understanding disease mechanisms, develop novel and more effective treatments for diseases.