U-Evaluation study

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The U-evaluation study is about the evaluation of the exemplary reminder and notification system for statutory early detection screening U6 and U7 in Hamburg.

Within the U evaluation study the evaluation of the model project for the controlled participation in the children early detection screening U6 (10. to 12. month of life) and U7 (21. to 24. month of life) in Hamburg is made, which based on the “Gesetz zur Neustrukturierung und Optimierung der gesundheitlichen Vorsorge im Vorschulalter” (“Law on restructuring and optimisation of health care in preschool age”) of Dec. 15, 2009.

Aim of the central reminder and notification system is to increase the use of the free offer of early detection screenings (U screenings) for children and to reach especially deprived families, which benefit insufficiently from offers of the general health care. The reminder and notification system provides the possibility to indicate guardians repeatedly the offer for early detection of diseases, that endanger the normal physical and mental development of children, and to motivate them to participate.

The evaluation of the two-year model project, which started in October 2010, was made in collaboration with the Hamburg Authority of Health and Consumer Protection over a period of one year. The study included a Germanywide comparison of method-approaches and evaluation-results as well as the analysis of the quality of results and processes. For that, all involved participants and families are debriefed about their acceptance and rating of the model project, officially administrated databases are analysed and a comparison between the results of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein, where a similar procedure was carried out, is made.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Ulrike Ravens-Sieberer ( ravens-sieberer@uke.de )