RICHE Project („Research Into Child Health in Europe“)


The RICHE Project („Research Into Child Health in Europe“) is set up to investigate Child and Adolescent Health in Europe. The main objectives are the identification of gaps and priorities in child health research at the EU level, and the development of a Roadmap for the future of European Child and Adolescent Health Research.

The RICHE project is funded by the European Commission within the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) and is carried out by an international network of European researchers. The three year project began in 2010 and the work is subdivided into six Work Packages. The first two Work Packages (WP1 and WP2) gather and classify research outputs relevant to Child Health in Europe. WP1 has developed a Taxonomy which will support the search for relevant research, as well as the development of sound indicators based on good measures for various topics and themes of child health. Based on the work of the previous two Work Packages, WP3 identifies the research needs and research gaps which form the basis of the Roadmap in WP4.

The research section Child Public Health is heading the fourth Work Package “Research Roadmap” (WP4). Building upon the outputs of the other three Work Packages, the aim of WP4 is to write a Roadmap which outlines a strategy for future Child and Adolescent Health Research in Europe. A special focus lies in the development of a research framework which will set out priority research areas. An additional focus will be laid on the translation of research findings into policy and practice.

Contact: Dr. Veronika Ottova-Jordan ( )

More information

Ottova, V., Hjern, A., Rasche, C.-H., Ravens-Sieberer, U., & the RICHE Project Group. (2012). Child Mental Health Measurement: Reflections and Future Directions. In J. Maddock (Ed.), Public Health - Methodology, Environmental and Systems Issues (pp. 27-50). Rijeka: InTech.