Core Facility Mass Spectrometric Proteomics

The service of the Core Facility Mass Spectrometric Proteomics comprises identification of proteins in …

  • SDS-PAGE-bands
  • 2DE-Gel-spots

Any other bioanalytical approaches investigating specific questions about the chemical composition and / or quantity of defined proteins with mass spectrometric methods or the mass spectrometric analysis of proteomes is not part of the service unit, but will be performed by the Mass Spectrometric Proteomics research group and is defined as collaboration. For requests of service or collaboration, please contact us via our email:

The aims of the Mass Spectrometric Proteomics research group are to develop, establish and apply

  • interactive, multi-disciplinary approaches for answering scientific questions via mass spectrometric approaches, bringing together scientific expertise from diverse areas such as biology, biochemistry, bioinformatics and medicine
  • improved or new proteome analytical methods including
    • collection and storage of specimen
    • sample preparation (homogenization of tissues, extraction of biomolecules)
    • separation of biomolecules by liquid chromatography and other methods like electrophoresis
    • mass spectrometric approaches
    • algorithms and scripts for data processing and interpretation

Cooperation partners are welcome to participate in seminars and lectures about mass spectrometric proteomics.



The service of the Core Facility comprises identification of proteins in

  • SDS-PAGE-bands
  • 2DE-Gel-spots

Any other mass spectrometry based analysis of proteins or proteomes are defined as collaborations and require a consultation and a collaboration agreement.

In any case, please contact us at: .

  • Identification of proteins in electrophoresis gel bands or 2D electrophoresis spots

    Protein identification via mass spectrometric analysis of tryptic peptides, generated by proteolytic digestion (by trypsin) of the protein(s) in the SDS-PAGE band or 2DE gel spots.

    Picture reference

  • Identification of proteins in SDS-PAGE-bands / 2DE gel spots

    Instruction for getting a protein analysis of a SDS-PAGE band/2DE gel spot:

    CAUTION 1: Please read and follow our sample preparation guidelines for keratin free gel preparation, otherwise successful results cannot be guaranteed due to contamination with e.g. by keratin.

    CAUTION 2: The silver staining kit must be mass spectrometry compatible. Please use e.g. the silver staining kit from Proteom Factory (FireSilver) LINK .

    General procedure:

    1. Complete the MS-request form . PLEASE NOTE: We are not allowed to process your samples, if your third-party funding account number is missing on the request form.

    2. Print the MS-request form

    3. Get the signature of the owner of the third-party fund account (Drittmittel-Konto-Inhaber) or the order oblige (CS-Bestellberechtigter)

    4. Cut the stated label describing unambiguously your sample from the request form

    5. Fix the label with sticky tape (e.g. Tesa-Film) on the corresponding tube.Place the MS-request form together with the sample tubes into an envelop

    6. Put the envelope into our CF-MP Mailbox (Located next to our office N27, ground floor, room 00.008)


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