Dr. rer. nat.
Alexandra R. Wey-Fabrizius
  • Research assistant
Working area


Campus Forschung N27 , Ground Floor, Room number 00.092
German (Mother tongue)

Areas of expertise



Clinically relevant variants in a large cohort of Indian patients with Marfan syndrome and related disorders identified by next-generation sequencing
Nayak S, Schneeberger P, Patil S, Arun K, Suresh P, Kiran V, Siddaiah S, Maiya S, Venkatachalagupta S, Kausthubham N, Kortüm F, Rau I, Wey-Fabrizius A, Van Den Heuvel L, Meester J, Van Laer L, Shukla A, Loeys B, Girisha K, Kutsche K
SCI REP-UK. 2021;11(1):.


Next-generation sequencing of 32 genes associated with hereditary aortopathies and related disorders of connective tissue in a cohort of 199 patients
Renner S, Schüler H, Alawi M, Kolbe V, Rybczynski M, Woitschach R, Sheikhzadeh S, Stark V, Olfe J, Roser E, Seggewies F, Mahlmann A, Hempel M, Hartmann M, Hillebrand M, Wieczorek D, Volk A, Kloth K, Koch-Hogrebe M, Abou Jamra R, Mitter D, Altmüller J, Wey-Fabrizius A, Petersen C, Rau I, Borck G, Kubisch C, Mir T, von Kodolitsch Y, Kutsche K, Rosenberger G
GENET MED. 2019;21(8):1832-1841.

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