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Simone Zittel-Dirks
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IRF2BPL mutations cause autosomal dominant dystonia with anarthria, slow saccades and seizures
Ganos C, Zittel S, Hidding U, Funke C, Biskup S, Bhatia K
PARKINSONISM RELAT D. 2019;68:57-59.


Towards unambiguous reporting of complications related to deep brain stimulation surgery: A retrospective single-center analysis and systematic review of the literature
Engel K, Huckhagel T, Gulberti A, Pötter-Nerger M, Vettorazzi E, Hidding U, Choe C, Zittel S, Braaß H, Ludewig P, Schaper M, Krajewski K, Oehlwein C, Mittmann K, Engel A, Gerloff C, Westphal M, Moll C, Buhmann C, Köppen J, Hamel W
PLOS ONE. 2018;13(8):e0198529.

Reduced Cancer Incidence in Huntington's Disease: Analysis in the Registry Study
McNulty P, Pilcher R, Ramesh R, Necuiniate R, Hughes A, Farewell D, Holmans P, Jones L
J Huntingtons Dis. 2018;7(3):209-222.

Iron overload is accompanied by mitochondrial and lysosomal dysfunction in WDR45 mutant cells
Seibler P, Burbulla L, Dulovic M, Zittel S, Heine J, Schmidt T, Rudolph F, Westenberger A, Rakovic A, Münchau A, Krainc D, Klein C
BRAIN. 2018;141(10):3052-3064.

How does it feel to be operated on the brain? Perceived intraoperative stress of movement disorder patients undergoing awake deep brain stimulation surgery
Sieger J, Gulberti A, Köppen J, Pinnschmidt H, Nitzschke R, Schaper M, Braaß H, Buhmann C, Choe C, Hidding U, Zittel S, Engel A, Mehnert A, Gerloff C, Westphal M, Pötter-Nerger M, Hamel W, Moll C
2018. The many faces of Parkinson’s disease – Motor and non ‐ motor symptoms from prodromal to advanced disease stages. .

Clinical and genetic characteristics of late-onset Huntington's disease.
Zittel S
PARKINSONISM RELAT D. 2018 [Epub ahead of print].

Iron overload is accompanied by mitochondrial and lysosomal dysfunction in WDR45 mutant cells.
Zittel S
BRAIN. 2018 [Epub ahead of print].

Prospective evaluation of Globus pallidus internus deep brain stimulation in Huntington's disease
Zittel S, Tadic V, Moll C, Bäumer T, Fellbrich A, Gulberti A, Rasche D, Brüggemann N, Tronnier V, Münchau A
PARKINSONISM RELAT D. 2018;51:96-100.


Author response: Munchausen syndrome by genetics: Next-generation challenges for clinicians
Zittel S, Alvarez-Fischer D, Schweiger U, Klein C, Münchau A
NEUROLOGY. 2017;89(3):307.

Munchausen syndrome by genetics: Next-generation challenges for clinicians
Zittel S, Lohmann K, Bauer P, Klein C, Münchau A
NEUROLOGY. 2017;88(10):1000-1001.


The role of mutations in COL6A3 in isolated dystonia
Lohmann K, Schlicht F, Svetel M, Hinrichs F, Zittel S, Graf J, Lohnau T, Schmidt A, Mir P, Krause P, Lang A, Jabusch H, Wolters A, Kamm C, Zeuner K, Altenmüller E, Naz S, Chung S, Kostic V, Münchau A, Kühn A, Brüggemann N, Klein C
J NEUROL. 2016;263(4):730-4.


Short- and long-term outcome of chronic pallidal neurostimulation in monogenic isolated dystonia
Brüggemann N, Kühn A, Schneider S, Kamm C, Wolters A, Krause P, Moro E, Steigerwald F, Wittstock M, Tronnier V, Lozano A, Hamani C, Poon Y, Zittel-Dirks S, Wächter T, Deuschl G, Krüger R, Kupsch A, Münchau A, Lohmann K, Volkmann J, Klein C
NEUROLOGY. 2015;84(9):895-903.

Predictive timing functions of cortical beta oscillations are impaired in Parkinson´s disease and influenced by L-DOPA and deep brain stimulation of the subthalamic nucleus
Gulberti A, Moll C, Hamel W, Buhmann C, Köppen J, Boelmans K, Zittel-Dirks S, Gerloff C, Westphal M, Schneider T, Engel A
NEUROIMAGE-CLIN. 2015;(9):436-449.

Neurophysiological fingerprints of X-linked dystonia-parkinsonism: A model basal ganglia disease
Weissbach A, Bäumer T, Rosales R, Lee L, Brüggemann N, Domingo A, Westenberger A, Jamora R, Diesta C, Brandt V, Tadic V, Zittel S, Klein C, Münchau A
MOVEMENT DISORD. 2015;30(6):873-5.

Effects of dopaminergic treatment on functional cortico-cortical connectivity in Parkinson's disease
Zittel-Dirks S, Heinbokel C, van der Vegt J, Niessen E, Buhmann C, Gerloff C, Siebner H, Münchau A, Bäumer T
EXP BRAIN RES. 2015;233(1):329-37.

Pallidal deep brain stimulation in Huntington's disease
Zittel-Dirks S, Moll C, Gulberti A, Tadic V, Rasche D, Bäumer T, Fellbrich A, Brüggemann N, Engel A, Tronnier V, Hamel W, Münchau A
PARKINSONISM RELAT D. 2015;21(9):1105-8.

Normalization of sensorimotor integration by repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation in cervical dystonia
Zittel S, Helmich R, Demiralay C, Münchau A, Bäumer T
J NEUROL. 2015;262(8):1883-9.


Clinical and neurophysiological profile of four German families with spinocerebellar ataxia type 14
Ganos C, Zittel-Dirks S, Minnerop M, Schunke O, Heinbokel C, Gerloff C, Zühlke C, Bauer P, Klockgether T, Münchau A, Bäumer T
CEREBELLUM. 2014;13(1):89-96.

Subthalamic deep brain stimulation improves auditory sensory gating deficit in Parkinson's disease
Gulberti A, Hamel W, Buhmann C, Boelmans K, Zittel-Dirks S, Gerloff C, Westphal M, Engel A, Schneider T, Moll C
CLIN NEUROPHYSIOL. 2014;126(3):565-574.

Genome-wide association study in musician's dystonia: a risk variant at the arylsulfatase G locus?
Lohmann K, Schmidt A, Schillert A, Winkler S, Albanese A, Baas F, Bentivoglio A, Borngräber F, Brüggemann N, Defazio G, Del Sorbo F, Deuschl G, Edwards M, Gasser T, Gómez-Garre P, Graf J, Groen J, Grünewald A, Hagenah J, Hemmelmann C, Jabusch H, Kaji R, Kasten M, Kawakami H, Kostic V, Liguori M, Mir P, Münchau A, Ricchiuti F, Schreiber S, Siegesmund K, Svetel M, Tijssen M, Valente E, Westenberger A, Zeuner K, Zittel S, Altenmüller E, Ziegler A, Klein C
MOVEMENT DISORD. 2014;29(7):921-7.

Activity parameters of subthalamic nucleus neurons selectively predict motor symptom severity in Parkinson's disease
Sharott A, Gulberti A, Zittel-Dirks S, Tudor Jones A, Fickel U, Münchau A, Köppen J, Gerloff C, Westphal M, Buhmann C, Hamel W, Engel A, Moll C
J NEUROSCI. 2014;34(18):6273-6285.

Severe myelopathy after denture cream use--is copper deficiency or excess zinc the cause?
Zittel-Dirks S, Ufer F, Gerloff C, Münchau A, Rosenkranz M
CLIN NEUROL NEUROSUR. 2014;121:17-18.


A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of latrepirdine in patients with mild to moderate Huntington disease

JAMA NEUROL. 2013;70(1):25-33.

PRRT2-related disorders: further PKD and ICCA cases and review of the literature.
Becker F, Schubert J, Striano P, Anttonen A, Liukkonen E, Gaily E, Gerloff C, Müller S, Heußinger N, Kellinghaus C, Robbiano A, Polvi A, Zittel S, Oertzen v, Tim J, Rostasy K, Schöls L, Warner T, Münchau A, Lehesjoki A, Zara F, Lerche H, Weber Y
J NEUROL. 2013;260(5):1234-1244.

Deep brain stimulation of the ventrolateral thalamic base and posterior subthalamic area in dystonic head tremor
Buhmann C, Moll C, Zittel-Dirks S, Münchau A, Engel A, Hamel W
ACTA NEUROCHIR SUPPL. 2013;117:67-72.

Progressive ataxia associated with scarring skin lesions and vertical gaze palsy.
Ganos C, Biskup S, Kleinmichel S, Zittel-Dirks S, Schunke O, Gerloff C, Münchau A
MOVEMENT DISORD. 2013;28(4):443-445.

STN stimulation in general anaesthesia: evidence beyond 'evidence-based medicine'
Moll C, Payer S, Gulberti A, Sharott A, Zittel-Dirks S, Boelmans K, Köppen J, Gerloff C, Westphal M, Engel A, Oehlwein C, Buhmann C, Hamel W
ACTA NEUROCHIR SUPPL. 2013;117:19-25.

Attenuated neural response to gamble outcomes in drug-naive patients with Parkinson's disease
van der Vegt J, Hulme O, Zittel-Dirks S, Madsen K, Weiss M, Buhmann C, Bloem B, Münchau A, Siebner H
BRAIN. 2013;136(Pt 4):1192-203.


The complex movement disorder of Kasabach-Merritt syndrome associated with a basal ganglia lesion.
Ganos C, Zittel S, Gerloff C, Münchau A, Bäumer T
MOVEMENT DISORD. 2012;27(4):591-593.

Identification and functional analysis of novel THAP1 mutations.
Lohmann K, Uflacker N, Erogullari A, Lohnau T, Winkler S, Dendorfer A, Schneider S, Osmanovic A, Svetel M, Ferbert A, Zittel S, Kühn A, Schmidt A, Altenmüller E, Münchau A, Kamm C, Wittstock M, Kupsch A, Moro E, Volkmann J, Kostic V, Kaiser F, Klein C, Brüggemann N
EUR J HUM GENET. 2012;20(2):171-175.

Symptomatic paroxysmal kinesigenic choreoathetosis as primary manifestation of multiple sclerosis.
Zittel S, Bester M, Gerloff C, Münchau A, Leypoldt F
J NEUROL. 2012;259(3):557-558.

Motor pathway excitability in ATP13A2 mutation carriers: a transcranial magnetic stimulation study.
Zittel S, Kröger J, van der Vegt J, Siebner H, Brüggemann N, Ramirez A, Behrens M, Gerloff C, Bäumer T, Klein C, Münchau A
PARKINSONISM RELAT D. 2012;18(5):590-594.

Differenzialdiagnose der atypischen Parkinson-Syndrome - Multisystematrophie, kortikobasales Syndrom, Lewy-Körper-Demenz
Zittel S, Münchau A
Info Neurol Psych. 2012;(9):48-55.

Neues bei paroxysmalen Bewegungsstörungen
Zittel S, Münchau A
AKTUEL NEUROL. 2012;39(09):463-466.


Arm tremor in cervical dystonia--is it a manifestation of dystonia or essential tremor?
Schiebler S, Schmidt A, Zittel S, Bäumer T, Gerloff C, Klein C, Münchau A
MOVEMENT DISORD. 2011;26(10):1789-1792.

Paroxysmal cervical myoclonus.
Zittel S, Bäumer T, Brüggemann N, Gerloff C, Klein C, Münchau A
MOVEMENT DISORD. 2011;26(13):2445-2446.


Clinical neuroimaging and electrophysiological assessment of three DYT6 dystonia families.
Zittel S, Moll C, Brüggemann N, Tadic V, Hamel W, Kasten M, Lohmann K, Lohnau T, Winkler S, Gerloff C, Schönweiler R, Hagenah J, Klein C, Münchau A, Schneider S
MOVEMENT DISORD. 2010;25(14):2405-2412.


Inhibitory and facilitatory connectivity from ventral premotor to primary motor cortex in healthy humans at rest--a bifocal TMS study.
Bäumer T, Schippling S, Kröger J, Zittel S, Koch G, Thomalla G, Rothwell J, Siebner H, Orth M, Münchau A
CLIN NEUROPHYSIOL. 2009;120(9):1724-1731.

Sensory afferent inhibition within and between limbs in humans.
Bikmullina R, Bäumer T, Zittel S, Münchau A
CLIN NEUROPHYSIOL. 2009;120(3):610-618.

Mutations in THAP1 (DYT6) and generalised dystonia with prominent spasmodic dysphonia: a genetic screening study.
Djarmati A, Schneider S, Lohmann K, Winkler S, Pawlack H, Hagenah J, Brüggemann N, Zittel S, Fuchs T, Rakovi A, Schmidt A, Jabusch H, Wilcox R, Kosti V, Siebner H, Altenmüller E, Münchau A, Ozelius L, Klein C
LANCET NEUROL. 2009;8(5):447-452.

Waking up the brain: a case study of stimulation-induced wakeful unawareness during anaesthesia.
Moll C, Sharott A, Hamel W, Münchau A, Buhmann C, Hidding U, Zittel S, Westphal M, Müller D, Engel A
PROG BRAIN RES. 2009;177:125-145.

Successful GPi deep brain stimulation in a patient with adult onset primary axial dystonia.
Zittel S, Moll C, Hamel W, Buhmann C, Engel A, Gerloff C, Münchau A
J NEUROL NEUROSUR PS. 2009;80(7):811-812.


Citalopram improves dexterity in chronic stroke patients.
Zittel S, Weiller C, Liepert J
NEUROREHAB NEURAL RE. 2008;22(3):311-314.


Improvement of dexterity by single session low-frequency repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation over the contralesional motor cortex in acute stroke: a double-blind placebo-controlled crossover trial.
Liepert J, Zittel S, Weiller C
RESTOR NEUROL NEUROS. 2007;25(5-6):461-465.

[Accidental intoxication with unlabeled, generic transdermal fentanyl patches caused by insufficient instruction]
Tank S, Stork K, Skibba W, Zittel S, Andresen H, Goetz A, Beck H
ANAESTHESIST. 2007;56(11):1137-1141.

Modulation of intracortical facilitatory circuits of the human primary motor cortex by digital nerve stimulation.
Zittel S, Bäumer T, Liepert J
EXP BRAIN RES. 2007;176(3):425-431.

Reboxetine improves motor function in chronic stroke. A pilot study.
Zittel S, Weiller C, Liepert J
J NEUROL. 2007;254(2):197-201.


Motor strokes: the lesion location determines motor excitability changes.
Liepert J, Restemeyer C, Kucinski T, Zittel S, Weiller C
STROKE. 2005;36(12):2648-2653.


Modulation of motor cortex excitability induced by pinch grip repetition.
Gorsler A, Zittel S, Weiller C, Münchau A, Liepert J
J NEURAL TRANSM. 2004;111(8):1005-1016.

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