Our energy policy

We, the employees of the University Medical Center Hamburg Eppendorf (UKE), including its medical and scientific subsidiaries and service companies, will make a sustainable contribution to the protection of nature and the environment in our daily work.

We are therefore committed to the efficient and sustainable use of energy and limited natural resources. We see this as an important part of our business activities and consider it to be one of the key factors for current and future economic success. The Executive Board has therefore set the strategic goal of

reducing the ratio of energy consumption to company sales by 1.0% per year compared to the energy reference year 2014. This forms the basis for our energy policy activities.

Our energy management system is embedded in the framework of the applicable laws and regulations, which we are committed to complying with. The energy management system actively monitors changing laws and regulations, assesses their impact and ensures conformity.

The principle of energy efficiency will be gradually integrated into all UKE's business processes and structures. This enables us to continuously optimise our system for managing and evaluating the flow of energy

We develop energy-relevant criteria in order

  • to make the current status measurable in terms of specific energy efficiency,
  • to define and achieve annual targets for continuous improvement of energy efficiency, and
  • to detect and eliminate waste of energy and resources

When purchasing plant and equipment, we ensure that it has a high degree of energy efficiency and at the same time complies with economic principles.

The Executive Board, with its energy management officers, provides the Energy Team with the necessary resources to achieve the operational and strategic goals set. In addition, we regularly train our employees to constantly increase their awareness of efficient energy use. We monitor the degree to which targets are achieved by means of regular audits and management meetings.

We want all the people and companies that work with us to arousing enthusiasm for the efficient use of energy. We therefore commit ourselves to openly communicate our energy policy to internal and external groups and to comply with all applicable legal requirements regarding energy aspects.

Hamburg, December 2018

Marya Verdel
Executive Board

Frank Dzukowski
Energy management