Green targets

Based on our responsibility for the future, we – as a “green” hospital – want to conduct ourselves in all areas according to the principles of sustainability. As such, we aim to reconcile economic, ecological and social objectives at the UKE:

  • Medical quality
  • Medical quality

    Medical quality

    Our mission is to restore the health of our patients. Therefore, maximum medical quality is and remains the most important basis for the satisfaction of our patients. We want to improve this continuously. Thus, we do not only work according to the latest medical standards, but we will continue to outperform and redefine them through innovation and close interaction between research and teaching in the spirit of a university hospital for the benefit of our patients.

  • Economic efficiency

    On the one hand, the qualitative and quantitative care requirements of our population are increasing, while on the other hand, the health care system continues to be exposed to increasingly scarce resources. We want to meet this challenge proactively. Interdisciplinary cooperation at all levels in research, teaching and patient care, coordinated processes, consistent modernization incorporating the latest technology, logistics and information technology are for us the guarantee for more efficiency and economic success. This is both the result and the prerequisite for always being able to look back on satisfied patients.

  • Ecological and social responsibility

    Our commitment to the health of our patients can only be of lasting value if we succeed in developing healthier lives in an environment worth living in. For us, it is a matter of course to do everything we can for a better environment.

    Every resource is valuable to us. We always limit our use of them to the necessary extent, select our products according to ecological criteria and give preference to local suppliers.

    At UKE, people work for people. That is why the satisfaction of employees and patients is our top priority. We know the importance of a liveable environment of well-being. This is why we will continue to create meeting places on our premises for all people, which are places of relaxation and exchange in equal measure.

    Attractive working conditions for all occupational groups, active health promotion and a culture of openness and the exchange of knowledge and opinions are an important basis for the continuous development of our