Integration of Refugees in Patient Care

Within the context of the project “Integration of Refugees in Patient Care“, qualified refugees will be prepared for professional practice in patient care by gaining additional occupational, technical language and workplace-related training. The project is under the direction of UKE Academy for Training and Career. The interdisciplinary Research Group for Migration and Psychosocial Health (MiPH) will evaluate this project and develop cultural oriented workplace-related training.

Sponsor: European Social Fund (ESF)

Funding Period: 36 months (2017/02 – 2020/12)

Keywords: refugees, occupational qualification, labour market integration

Project description:

The project contributes to the successful labour market integration of refugees in health care professions in Germany. It is based on arrangements providing additional training for refugees in occupational, technical language and workplace-related subjects. The refugees will not only participate in classes but will also be supervised and integrated into clinical practise. The Research Group for Migration and Psychosocial Health is responsible for the overall evaluation of this programme as well as for developing and implementing the cultural oriented workplace-related trainings. The training will be developed based on systematic research on international qualification programmes for refugees and the effectiveness of these programmes. In order to systematically gather information about the perceived needs of refugees and the overall requirements they need to fulfil, interviews will be conducted not only with refugees but also with employees and other experts in related fields. In addition the success of this programme is to be evaluated by focusing not only on the participants’ satisfaction, but also on their success in applying the acquired competences in their profession. Documentation of the multistage development of the training and best-practise approaches will be provided utilising the collected data.

Members of the Project Team:

Mike Mösko, Dr. phil., Dipl.-Psych., Supervisor,

Sidra Khan-Gökkaya, M.A., Migration Research, Research Associate,

Project Partners:

UKE Academy for Training and Career