BetweenLanguages IV _ Quality optimization for professionals and interpreters

Measures are being developed to increase the quality of interpreter-supported communication in the areas such as public authorities, education, social affairs and health, in cooporation with SEGEMI (Seelische Gesundheit- Migration und Flucht e.V.)

The project is divided into two sub-projects.

Skills strengthening for professionals
In the first sub-project, professionals from the above mentioned areas will be trained to work with language mediators.

Equivalency check
In the second sub-project, language mediators are given the opportunity to close qualification gaps through direct admission to the examination upon completion of an equivalency check.

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Funded through: EU-Asyl-, Migrations- und Integrationsfonds (AMIF)

Duration: 25 months (2020/07- 2022/09)

Keywords: language mediators, interpreters, qualification, equivalence testing, raising awareness, training, professionals

Objectives and structure of the project

The project aims to strengthen the skills of professionals in working with language mediators by designing and implementing training courses. 23 training sessions will be held, through which professionals will receive sensitivity training in interpreter supported communication. In addition, an equivalence check is being developed to evaluate interpreter qualifications. Within this framework, up to 10 language mediators will be able to partake in an interpreting examination.

Project Summary

The project is based on the preliminary work of the AMIF projects AM15-00076, AM17-HH3403 and AM18-HH4551 (visit It constitutes the further development of quality assurance measures in interpreting and aims to increase the quality of interpreter-assisted communication across various fields. To this end, the relevant actors in these conversations should be strengthened: professionals and language mediators.

Subproject I is divided into four modules:
Module 1: Concept development
Module 2: Publicity campaign
Module 3: Organization and implementation of training
Module 4: Evaluation

Subproject II is divided into seven modules:
Module 5: Overview of existing qualification measures in Germany
Module 6: Criteria development
Module 7: Testing
Module 8: Public relations
Module 9: Consulting and assessment
Module 10: Examination
Module 11: Reporting of results

Project members

Mike Mösko, Prof. Dr. phil., Dipl.-Psych., Project Manager,
Ute Meyer, Linguist M.A., Research Assistant,

Project partner

SEGEMI e.V., Ferdinandstr. 36, 20095 Hamburg, Germany