Omics core facilities and technology platforms

  • Epigenomics core facility

    This core facility is newly opened by the end of 2017. Analysis is perforemd by the Ilumina iScan array system. For futher details please contact the head Prof. Schüller.


    Prof. Dr. Ullrich Schüller

    Dept. of Neuropathology and Research Department Kinderkrebs-Zentrum Hamburg

    +49 (0) 40 7410 54968

  • Human genetics platform

    The service is offered by scientific collaboration with the Department of Human Genetics, head Prof. Kubisch. For details reagrding the available technologies please contact Dr. Rau.


    Dr. Isabella Rau

    Department of Human Genetics

    +49 (0) 40 - 741054613

  • Kinomics core facility

    Based on the protein kinase array technology users can screen for acivity of kinase families in cell and tissue lysates. Global tyrosine (or serine/threonine) kinase activity patterns can be determined. For details please contact Dr. Kriegs, head of this UCCH core facility.


    PD Dr Malte Kriegs

    Department of Radiotherapy & Radiation Oncology

    +49 (0) 40 7410 53594

  • Metabolomics platform

    The Department of Clinical Chemsitry supports scientists to analyse the metabolomic pattern of their samples. For details about the possible collaboration please contact Thomas Benninghaus.


    Thomas Benninghaus

    Department of Clinical Chemsitry

    +49 (0) 40 - 741057576

  • UCCH NGS core facility

    This facility holds an Illumina MiSeq for targeted DNA sequencing and targeted RNA sequencing for targeted gene expression analysis. Small genomes can be detected as well. Whole-genome, -exome or transcriptome sequencing can't be done. For further details and prices please contact Prof. Loges.


    Prof. Dr. med. Dr. rer. nat. Sonja Loges

    Department of Oncology and Hematology and Department of Tumorbiology

    +49 (0) 40 7410 - 0

  • Core facility mass spectrometric proteomics

    This core facility is one of the core units run by the UKE Vice Deanery for Research. For details about the offered services please visit the website . Further technologies like chromatography and mass spectrography may be provided by collaborative means. Head of the core facility is Prof. Dr. Hartmut Schlüter, Department of Clinical Chemistry/Central Laboratories.