Conservative Therapy

Our range of conservative therapy treatments offer the possibility to participate in a diet and nutrition course lasting six months, the integration into a multimodal therapy concept (diet, exercise and behavioral therapy) and/ or an additional course of medication to treat the obesity.

Our diet and nutrition course consists of six units which aim to convey the foundation of a healthy diet as well as presenting various strategies which can help to long-term weight loss and keeping a healthy weight. The course can be supplemented by outpatient physiotherapy classes.

More extensive is the multimodal therapy concept. The experts from each of specialist fields, together with the patient, develop an individual treatment concept – based on diet and nutrition therapy (8 classes of 90 minutes each), exercise classes therapy (16 classes of 1 hour each) and psychological care (8 classes of 90 minutes each) – each of which are adapted and tailored to each individual patient’s own needs.

A course of medication to help treat the obesity is also possible. We use EU-certified products to help with weight loss and we accompany our patient on their path to a more healthy body weight.

Operative treatment is usually only then used when the various conservative treatments have not been as successful as hoped. The patients are also given the opportunity to discuss their experiences and doubts with each other.

After the completion of this module the patient is given a certificate. The course of treatment, along with a questionnaire filled out by the patient, are then discussed at our Obesity Interdisciplinary Board Meeting.