Mouse Pathology Facility (MP)

Since 1 September 2010, the Core Facility for mouse pathology is as a service unit to researchers at the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) and interested parties. It enables to perform histological analysis of cell and tissue preparations from mouse of the highest quality. By integrating into the diagnostic center of the Ukes Facility can draw on many years of experience in creating histological preparations and their analyzes.
The Core Facility has made it his mission to discuss the exact procedure of a histological analysis of mouse preparations in direct contact with scientists and conduct. For the processing of the preparations of the facility is the technical staff of the Institute of Neuropathology aside. Even when evaluating the results of the Core Facility offers like their advice. If necessary, also may, in the creation of illustrations and cooperation with the / scientists / in individual cell populations can be quantified in the tissue in close support.


If you are working with mouse models and require a histological analysis of the tissue of interest to you, we are happy to help. We can perform for a histological analysis that the expression pattern of various proteins as well as its localization in the tissue structure describes depending on the issue or shows histological differences of their individual mouse model compared to wild-type tissue. If you are aiming for an analysis of the tissue in the nano range, the Core Facility individual cells can by the electron microscope represent. The following services are offered:• production of paraffin and Kryoblöcken (with Entkalzifizierung): protocol for sample preparation

• production of paraffin and Kryoblöcken (with Entkalzifizierung): protocol for sample preparation
• Preparation of cell blocks
• cutting of paraffin and Kryopräparaten
• Histological staining (z. B. with hematoxylin and eosin, Masson Goldner, Elastica van Gieson, etc.)
• Immunohistochemical staining (z. B. Ki67, Caspase-3, Iba-1, GFAP, CD-3, B220, etc.)
• Establishment of an antibody for Immunohistochemical Staining
• production of a preparation for electron microscopy: protocol for sample preparation
• Creating electron microscopic images
• quantification of cell populations in tissues


The Facility is available to all interested scientists openly taking into account the user order. For the services a flat rate is charged.
For further information, please contact Dr. Krasemann. If you want to give samples in order, please note the following procedure:

  • Contact the Core Facility prior to sample collection, in order to ensure an ideal sample preparation
  • Use for its mission the prefabricated form
  • Samples acceptance by agreement
  • Samples can be used in the form of fresh tissue, fixed tissue or be proposed as a prefabricated block of tissue.


Susanne Krasemann
Priv.-Doz. Dr. rer. nat.
Susanne Krasemann
  • Head of scientific working group
  • Core manager
  • Mouse Pathology Facility
Kristin Hartmann
Kristin Hartmann
  • Mouse Pathology Facility
  • Biological-technical assistant