Isotope Lab Facility (ILF)


Since 2007, the Isotope Laboratory Facility (ILF) has been available to researchers at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) for scientific work with radioactive substances.

We are already looking forward to the new laboratory space in Campus Forschung II, which will enable a variety of experimental investigations using different nuclides, both in terms of space and equipment.

In cooperation with the Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, scientists have had the opportunity to work with radioactive substances in the 7Tesla magnetic resonance tomograph (7T-MRT) area since 2012.

The independent use of the isotope laboratories is possible after prior radiation protection instruction. A scientist is available as a contact person for scientific expertise on the respective questions.


  • Independent work with radioactive substances after instruction
  • Training for the general usage of radioactive substances, various measuring methods and radiation safety
  • Consultation of radioactive experiments
  • Technical scientific support research projects
  • Technical and practical scientific steering for handling of radioactive substances within area of 7T-MRT
  • Consultation and support for general questions concerning radiation protection


Use of the laboratories by arrangement

For further information, please contact the below mentioned contact address.


Campus Forschung, N27

2nd floor

R. 02.007

Mika Holthaus
Mika Holthaus
M. Sc.
  • Qualitätssicherung
  • Project leader
  • Radiation safety officer