Isotope Lab Facility (ILF)


Since 2007 the Isotope Lab Facility (ILF) is available to scientists of the Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) for research work with radioactive sources. The core unit, located on the 2nd floor of the Research Campus, is enabling a wide variety of experimental research using multiple nuclides in a spacious as well as technically well equipped environment. Associated operational areas complement the ILF excellent and offer excellent additional experimental possibilities. Since 2012, the area of 7Tesla-Magnetic-Resonance-Tomograph (7T-MRT) is authorized for handling of radioactive substances in collaboration with Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology.
Independent use of the ILF is possible after a radiation protection instruction. A scientist is always available for scientific expertise and individual questions.


  • General usage of the ILF for handling of radioactive substances
  • Training for the general usage of radioactive substances, various measuring methods and radiation safety
  • Consultation and planning of radioactive experiments
  • Technical and practical scientific support research projects
  • Technical and practical scientific steering for handling of radioactive substances within area of 7T-MRT
  • Consultation and support for general questions concerning radiation protection

  • Equipment
  • Equipment

    The 7 Isotope Laboratories on the 2nd floor of the Campus Research form a self-contained unit and are in accordance with the Radiation Protection Ordinance (StrlSchV) declared control area. The unit has 3 laboratories work with 2 workstations, storage space for open and enclosed radioactive materials, two measuring rooms and a lock. Inside the unit all the rooms are connected by a corridor (look floor plan ). Besides the usual technical standard of a scientific laboratory, the isotope laboratory facility has several instruments for detection of α-, β- and γ-rays and an absorption meter and a Zeller Nete device.

  • Meters:

    • Automatic liquid scintillation counter
      • Tri Carb 2900 TR (Packard)Zwei TriCarb 2900TR (Packard)
      • Hidex 600 SL (Hidex)
      • 1450 Microbeta Trilux (Wallac): Microplate change system
      • Plate Chameleon (Hidex)
    • Automatic gamma counter
      • 1470 Wizard (Wallac)
    • Automatic absorptiometer
      • Victor 2 V (Perkin Elmer): Multilabel Counter for fluorescence, fluorescence polarization, HD-TRF, absorbance and luminescence measurements; Microplate change system

    Other appliances:

    • Microbeta filter mat 96 (Perkin Elmer): cell harvester for 96 well microplates including Einschweißgerät (Wallac)


Costs incurred in the isotope laboratory consumable costs are allocated to all the users according to a fixed key via an hourly rate. For further information, please contact the below mentioned contact address and note the agreement of the Facility.


Campus Research, N27, 2nd floor, radiation protection office 02.007

Mika Holthaus
Mika Holthaus
M. Sc.
  • Radiation safety officer
  • Project leader
  • QM coordinator