Irradiation Facility (IF)

Since 2012 the Irradiation Facility (IF) is available to scientists of the Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) for research work with an irradiation device. Independent use of the IF is possible after a radiation protection instruction, a bio-safety instruction as well as introduction to the handling of the irradiation device. A scientist is always available for scientific expertise and individual questions.


  • General usage of the irradiation device
  • Technical and practical scientific steering of a research projects


The Irradiation Facility is located in the basement of Research Campus and is defined as a supervised area according to the German Radiation Protection Ordinance as well as a genetic engineering area of security level 2 (S2) according to the German Genetic Engineering Act. The facility holds the irradiation device HWM D400, which provides a Caesium-137 source. The dimensions of the irradiation chamber are 90 mm diameter and 210 mm height incl. various mounting accessories.


The costs incurred within the Irradiation Facility will be charged according to irradiation times. For further information please contact us and note the terms of use.


Mika Holthaus
Mika Holthaus
M. Sc.
  • Qualitätssicherung
  • Project leader
  • Radiation safety officer