Wiebke Geertz
Wiebke Geertz
  • Child and youth psychotherapist
  • Psycho-oncologist
  • Research fellow
Working area


W26 , Ground Floor
German (Mother tongue)



Supportive and psychosocial peer-group interventions for children and adolescents of parents with cancer: A systematic review
Geertz W, Frerichs W, Inhestern L, Bergelt C
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Child- and family-specific communication skills trainings for healthcare professionals caring for families with parental cancer: A systematic review
Frerichs W, Geertz W, Johannsen L, Inhestern L, Bergelt C
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Belastungen bei Angehörigen von Krebserkrankten erkennen und versorgen
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Parental Cancer: Acceptance and Usability of an Information Booklet for Affected Parents
Melchiors L, Geertz W, Inhestern L
FRONT PSYCHOL. 2022;13:.


Parental cancer: Characteristics of users of child-centred counselling versus individual psycho-oncological treatment
Inhestern L, Geertz W, Schulz-Kindermann F, Bergelt C
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Physical and Psychological Well-Being in Overweight Children Participating in a Long-Term Intervention Based on Judo Practice
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Changes of Motivational Variables in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis in an Exercise Intervention: Associations between Physical Performance and Motivational Determinants
Geertz W, Dechow A, Patra S, Heesen C, Gold S, Schulz K
BEHAV NEUROL. 2015;2015:248193.

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